"Funny Thing Is..." Special Event antics, mishaps and stories vol. 2

Special Events is a funny industry.  No really, it’s funny.  My colleagues have contributed a wide array of funny special event moments.  Welcome to the weekly series, “Funny Thing Is …”

This weekly series is a collection of funny event mishaps, moments and scenarios that my special event colleagues have sent to me.  Every Tuesday I send out another Funny Thing Is story via this blog.  As winter drudges on, my hope is to give readers a funny event related anecdote to keep our spirits warm.  Some are short, some are long but all are funny.

Below is this week’s “Funny Thing Is …” story sent to me by my colleague and friend, Mr. Ron Culp, who has his own share of interesting stories on his website, http://www.culpwrit.com/about/  Please enjoy.

The event occurred several years ago at the Lincoln Park Zoo. During a private recognition event for members of the Conservators Circle (significant donors), elegantly decorated tables were placed throughout the central hall of Kovler Lion House.

Just as the heaviest of hitters were taking their seats, a zookeeper who knew his cats gasped “Oh, no” as Adelor, the African male lion, turned his back to the crowd, took aim and accurately launched an impressive stream of urine at the head table. The crowd scattered, Adelor retreated to his den, order was restored and everyone had a good laugh–even those who were in damp attire.

If you have a funny event related story you would like to share, please e-mail it to me at nealheitz@yahoo.com and I’m happy to work it in to my weekly series.  Thank you in advance to all who have contributed and thank you to all who read my blog.


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