Being a Dad is no different than a career in special events

As my daughter reaches 9 months old this week, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many parallel experiences between being a new Dad and having a career in special events. While the connection might not be immediately apparent I think the over-arching theme here is that as a Dad it’s my responsibility to... Read more »

Formative memories remind me that when serving food to guests everything must be clearly labeled - PART 2

My Grandma was obsessed with nuts.  Long before peanut allergies were all the rage my Grandma Heitz felt the need to separate all baked goods into tins that were labeled “nuts” and “no nuts”. She was proud of her labels that were usually scrawled out in pencil on a piece of masking tape roughly ripped... Read more »

Formative memories remind me that when serving food to guests everything must be clearly labeled - PART 1

“Neal, wake up! Wake up! Who drank all of the iced tea in the refrigerator? Who drank it?” Come on Neal, get up, I need you to tell me who drank the tea?” “What, Mom? What the hell is wrong with you? Who cares who drank the tea? Why are you being so selfish? It’s... Read more »

It’s a miracle some events even come to life

When you think about everything that has to come together for an event to actually happen, it’s a miracle any of them happen at all.  Just try and schedule lunch with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.  How many texts, e-mails, phone calls and Facebook messages do you need in order... Read more »

Can't “sustainable” event planning just be “regular” event planning?

It’s an interesting Google search when looking for ways to make an event more “sustainable” or “environmentally friendly” or “green”.  It’s almost as if there are two ways to plan an event.  Earth Friendly or Earth Destructive – which do you choose? Seeing how this has been one of the warmest winters on record and... Read more »

The biggest fear for all event planners is nobody shows up

Let me walk you through the mind of an event organizer at that very critical moment right before the event is about to begin… “OK here goes.  Everything is done.  I’m feeling good.  We’ve cultivated the best menu, determined a perfect event date, created a vision that lead to inspiring décor, selected entertainment that will... Read more »

Plan a career in Special Events – No Experience Necessary

“No experience necessary,” is usually a phrase intended for entry level positions that require little or no skill.  While planning a special event requires a ton of skills, it’s important to figure out where you can develop those skills. Have you ever wanted to apply for a really awesome job but realized you won’t get... Read more »

Good communication is the cornerstone of every successful event

There are so many elements of a successful event that it’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what makes an event a success. Is it the food? Is it the music? Is it the décor? Is it the program? Is it the technology? All of these things can certainly make an event successful but what all... Read more »

Sponsorship: As seen on TV

Metaphors help people to better understand a confusing topic.  In the world of event planning most concepts are pretty straightforward.  Event profiles, production schedules, room layouts, creative design, logistics and promotion all have a certain learning curve, but once the concept is explained and applied a few times most professionals get it. Sponsorship, on the... Read more »

The summer festival season is almost over and now the cycle repeats

Summer tans fade away, Pumpkin lattes make their return to a Starbucks near you, Football games start to count and the chili simmers in the crock pot.  Be sure to enjoy the last few outdoor festivals, concerts and sporting events because pretty soon they’ll all be but a distant memory.  But rest assured while summer... Read more »