Simply Stellar

Simply Stellar

My name is Stella and I wanted to create a blog originally for the new upcoming faces of fashion in Chicago. After 6 years of writing on Chicago Now, I have decided to expand a little bit more and write about not just fashion in Chicago, but about events, people, products and the Chicagoan lifestyle. So join me on my journey here at Estrella Modas and let's have an adventure!


My minions...when they were little and not as mobile!


A little bit about me:

  • I am a mommy (see minions above)! They are older now but still as much or if not, more trouble as in that pic!
  • I like to write, hopefully one day I get the guts to actually write a book. In the meanwhile, one can wish
  • My background is in fashion design and fashion merchandising. So yes I do know what fashion is!
  • Don't mind my sarcasm!

If you ever want to contact me about any type of event, product or anything that relates to my blog, please feel free to contact me at