Start the New Year off right with Moët and Disaronno!

Instead of starting of 2019 with some resolutions that many of us, myself included, will forget about 3 weeks in; why not try some new drinks this year? Finally a task I can complete! Our favorite Moët and Disaronno have some new offerings this holiday season. The following must-get drinks are only available for the holidays! So take a glance at the offerings and make sure to purchase them to ring in the 2019 New Year in style!

Moët & Chandon 2018 holiday offerings include:


  • Moët Impérial Brut Art-of-Living Bottle & Gift Box (SRP $39.99) – A chic dressing of the House’s iconic Impérial Brut champagne, this bottle makes the act of giving easy this holiday season. Embodying Moët & Chandon’s unique style, the gold decorated bottle adds a touch of glistening glamour to all end-of-year festivities.
    • Limited edition bottle and gift box (complete with a naked bottle) sold separately
    • Limited edition bottle and gift box (complete with a naked bottle) sold separately
  • Moët Nectar Impérial Blanc Art of Living Gift Box (SRP $59.99) – Tropical, exciting and daring, this champagne is the most exotic expression of the House’s style, reflecting both the diversity and compatibility of Champagne’s three grape varietals. Complete with flavors of exotic pineapple and mango, this wine is a perfect gift to enjoy with the main holiday meal.

I tried the Moët Impérial Rosé and WOW! It was delicious and definitely the drink of choice to ring in the New Year! Plus the gift box it comes in is ADORABLE and I completely agree that it is a great gift to give someone or even a drink to share for that NYE party you will all be attending. Major thumbs up from all who tried it from my team!!



From the world’s most famous Italian liqueur, DISARONNO has partnered with Italian fashion house TRUSSARDI to launch a limited-edition bottle dressed in the brand’s notable texture and greyhound logo. Incorporating fresh colors such as fuchsia, green, and blue, the new DISARONNO wears TRUSSARDI bottle is an eye-catching must-have gift for any fashionista that imbibes on only the trendiest spirits around. Plus it is a great drink to bring to those NYE parties that everyone can enjoy! The limited-edition collaboration will also be available in 6 mini-bottles, each in their own distinct color! 

Coming from a fashion background, the Disaronno wearing Trussardi was totally exciting for me! I am already a fan of Disaronno but now it is “wearing” a designer brand, which makes it even more special! Great gift idea and also an awesome hostess gift for those upcoming holiday parties we will all be attending!

Happy 2019 everyone and remember to check out these drinks! Links on where you can purchase are on the drinks names.

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