Tips on How to Look Good on a Budget this Holiday Season and How to Lose those Winter Lbs!!!

Tips on How to Look Good on a Budget this Holiday Season and How to Lose those Winter Lbs!!!
Celebrity Beauty Guru Brandon Liberati and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Craig Ramsay (a.k.a the Fit & Phab Duo)

Here at Estrella Modas we had the opportunity to interview Top celebrity stylist, Brandon Liberati, whom is one of today’s go-to beauty guru’s with over 20 years of experience in the industry and celebrity fitness trainer Craig Ramsay. Both have worked with some of the top celebrities in the industry and now are giving you the advice that they share with their celebrity clients. Learn on how to beat those winter blues while looking fit and fab with the Fit & Phab Duo (what everyone calls this elite team). As for Brandon’s motto – “Beautiful Is A Feeling,” let’s get those tips on how to get that feeling going with this dark, nasty gloomy weather!!!

Modas: What have you seen or encountered with how beauty and fitness impacts a person’s self esteem? (sigh, while looking out the window at our wonderful 20 degree weather)

Brandon & Craig: Taking the initiative to take care of your personal fitness & beauty not only changes what other people see, but it helps you positively change who you are on the inside. It will build self confidence and self worth.

M: What are both of your overall goals for the new years?

B & C: We have been sharing clients and guest speaking together for years on how an overall wellness lifestyle happens when you combine beauty & fitness. For the new year we would like to expand our outreach and get our message out there across America.  We want to travel to cities like Chicago and make ourselves available to share what we have seen work for celebrity clientele and help make an impact on the masses through our easy  to integrate ways of being.

M: What inspired you both to be on the path that you are on now?
B & C: People inspire us.  To be apart of someone discovering their potential physically, mentally and emotionally is what drives us to passionately be available to advise and share our knowledge wherever and whenever we can help.
M: Any tips on how to get started on getting that summer body during these winter months?
B & C: Plan an event during the spring/summer months that will help you get motivated and hold you accountable.  PUT ONE IN YOUR CALENDAR! Have a summer kickoff party – plan one, invite friends/family for a pool, beach, photo shoot gathering.  Be imaginative and make sure that your calendar events are going to drive you to look and feel your best.

M: Any tips on how to enjoy the holidays while still keeping the waist slim?
B & C: Here are some quick and easy tips
-When attending or hosting any holiday feast fill up on veggies first, wait 20 mins, then see what you are still hungry for and craving, trust me it won’t be the amount you would have initially have eaten.
-Drink Sparkling water with lime in a wine glass, this will keep you hand to mouth routine busy and will help you cut down on the empty calories from both alcohol and excessive sugar drinks.
-Brush your teeth or chew some gum immediately after a small portioned holiday meal, this will help deter you from excessively consuming large portioned of food.
-Choose a glass of wine OR a small desert – NOT both.
-Workout the morning of a holiday event, give your body a chance to be in fat burning mode.
M: Any everyday eating tips for heather living?
B&C:Here are a few tips to help you eat healthier during this season.
-Remember to eat for fuel not for fun.
-when out at a restaurant ask for half of your entrée meal to be boxed in a to go container when you order.  Slow down your eating of what is in front of you.
-Go vegetarian (not carbatarian) at least one day of every week, this will help you cut down on calories, unhealthy fat from protein, processed foods, AND help the planet.
M: Any quick simple everyday beauty tips ? 
B & C: Let’s start with these tips:
-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The next best thing to the gym for tight and taught skin is hydration, that means H2O!
-You can actually moisturize your skin from the inside out by adding a sprig of mint to your water bottle ( bhp free of course)!
-Smile, its free!  And it actually makes you appear younger.
-Pick up Glamour or Allure Magazine or go online and surf the new trends to keep yourself updated on the current looks and products.
 -Add at least one of the current trends in your wardrobe everyday to keep you looking youthful and “in”. This could be something as simple as a the latest nail varnish color or accessory.
-video your stylist with your phone while they are styling your hair. You paid for the hair “training session”  so get your money’s worth by learning how to style your own hair just as fabulous at home!
M:  Do you foresee any popular hair trends in 2015?
B & C: Braids are still hot in 2015 and more creative and unfussy than ever… think bohemian meets jasmine from Aladdin! Pony’s are low and messy in 2015, try looping it under all disheveled skater-girl style and look even chicer. Air dried styles are also a must do. The must have products for all of these looks would be dry shampoo and texturizing spray.
M: Any Affordable cosmetics that people should try while the wallet is slim?
B & C: A great tube of lipstick and black eyeliner and mascara. Inexpensive and will carry you through a whole season with the initial purchase expense.
M: Any new trends in makeup for 2015?
B & C: Purple and plum everything! Black eyeliner is a must!!
M: What is the must have beauty product for the holiday season?
B & C: Dry shampoo, REDKEN POWDER FRESH 01 AEROSOL HAIR POWDER DRY SHAMPOO for $18 to be exact. Make sure to check it out!
M: What are some fast, and easy beauty techniques that anyone can do at home?
B & C: Of course there are many. Here are a few that anyone can do at home.
-Sparingly put coconut oil  from the midshaft to end of your hair at night for shiny healthy looking locks by sunup.
-Spray texturizing spray in your hair before braiding it, when it dries and you take it out, spritz a little more on and you will have the perfect “air dried” look.
-Healthy skin requires less makeup.  Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate (your body) your skin.
-Apply your foundation and or concealer within 1 minute of applying your moisturizer before it absorbs into your skin it will help it glide on easier and not settle in fine lines and wrinkles.
– Mix your champagne shimmering eyeshadow with approx. 4 pumps of facial moisturizer for a fabulous DIY makeup highlighter!
Thanks for the tips guys!! Make sure to keep an eye out on the Fit & Phab Duo! and till next time, try these tips and continue looking fab this holiday season, despite the nastiness outside.
-Contributing Writers Brittany Ray & Logan Loddan

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