How Can We Call Ourselves Great After Heather Heyer Was Killed In Charlottesville?

Heather Heyer unknowingly paid the ultimate sacrifice for what has become a tumultuous nine months. She died in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city which has become the focal point of why we as a nation may never reach its full potential. Every day there is another reason for us to lose hope, another reason for us to diminish our faith, and an additional reason to lower our standards for humanity.

The keyword in humanity is humane. Some of us have lost enough of an amount that the humane portion may never return. How can we call ourselves great when our idea of greatness is terrorizing our fellow brothers and sisters?

Heather Heyer was on the frontlines of the battlefield with the intentions to fight against hatred. Heyer, a paralegal in Charlottesville was known to rage against the machine. She stood up against bullies. Heather Heyer was at home when she was showing onlookers that the way you defeat hate and seclusion is with inclusion. Heyer was the opposite of the agenda being spread over the weekend.

How can America be great when those who believe that it’s restoration requires the exile of the innocent, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, or whoever most Neo Nazi’s, Nationalists and Klu Klux Klan considers as different.

How can we be great when there are websites such as the Daily Stormer, which was shut down by Google and Go Daddy, according to NPR releases disparaging stories mocking Heather Heyer’s murder? The website’s describes as fat, childless, pig, along with several other unflattering words.

It is as if the author lived in a home without a mother, or is absent of a grandmother, aunts, sisters and cousins. As if a woman never nor humanity had ever set foot in his life.

The comments were just as vile. Most of them are unrepeatable. I am in tears as I force myself to understand that this is how some people speak.

Why is it acceptable for a Neo Nazi, Nationalist, or a member of the Klu Klux Klan to use a dirty tongue, while cutting someone down as if they were nothing?


Is it because we are different? When I love, I love. I cannot preach love for my sister one moment, only to destroy the next out of convenience. I also cannot purposely hate what I choose not to understand. It is the opposite. Heather Heyer was one of many who was looking to promote the opposite.

How can we become great if we allow ourselves to think and speak this way?

Also absent is his realization that what makes America great is the fact that it is a melting pot. Greatness is not the display of cowardice which took place in Charlottesville, however the courage to defend against it is.

Unfortunately, more incidents will happen that will shake the country down to its core as more members of the alt right continue to grow emboldened to commit more heinous acts. Why would they stop now with a man in office refused to truly condemn the parties involved until two days later?

It has been nine months since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. On election night Trump armed with his vow to “Make America Great Again”, yet we have fallen so far behind. America does not belong to us, but our children we are raising in it. And as of now the message they are supposed to inherit is one where our differences must be solved with hatred.

I want them to know that Heather Heyer was trying to make the country great. Her mission was cut short. And now it is on us to pick up the baton and reverse this course.

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