Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson

Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson

Hello Mr. Scoop Jackson!

I have idolized you for quite some time. Watching you on a local Chicago-based sports show at the turn of the century inspired me to want to take the path that you have taken on sports journalism. Over the years of watching my favorite ESPN shows “Around the Horn” and “Pardon the Interruption” I would sit, watch and learn. DVR my episodes and if there was not DVR space available, I would pull out a dusty video tape. Never did I see myself pursuing a career in sports journalism at the time because, while I respect the hell out of them, I did not sound, nor did I look like them. Therefore, I could never see myself exploring my passion.

That changed on a Sunday night when I saw you on that sports show.

Mr. Scoop Jackson, you were at the time an iconic sports journalist from the south side of Chicago. You still are an iconic figure. One who has helped inspire people like myself. Before you Mr. Jackson, I seldom saw a journalist with facial hair, who spoke with the tongue that related to the hardships of being in the inner-city. I realized that we had some similarities.

Now, fast forward over 13 years, here I am Mr. Scoop Jackson. I am trying to follow in your footsteps, hoping that one day we cross paths and I would receive the final bit of education I need in order to get where I am trying to go. Mr. Scoop Jackson, I am in need of a mentor.

As you know Scoop (we are Facebook friends so I hope calling you Scoop is fine), one cannot further themselves without guidance. I have already learned that I can look like myself, while allowing my words to speak for me, not my looks. That was what I took from you. There are additional things that I must learn, although I am closer to a finished product these days than I was before Scoop. Just to think that it all started when I walked into my room one Sunday and just happen to see you on television representing Chicago, talking about the love that never got away from my life, sports.

I am in a good place in my blossoming career and it is all because of you, Mr. Scoop Jackson. Thank you. I hope that we can cross paths someday soon.

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