Missing Marvin Gaye

Life and death brings things into a proper perspective. I will never forget the death of Marvin Gaye. Both his words and music, shaped the soul of an entire generation of people.
With a zest for love, he taught many of our parents that “war is not the answer”.
Marvin Gaye’s poetry spoke volumes over lush piano, guitar and drum rhythms, pulling you into a deep trance.
All of my Iife, I have been enchanted by his words, so much so that I hear his voice every time I pen words of my own. ” Mercy, mercy me!”
Perfectly imperfect was his life. For a man who appears to have had it all, fame, wealth and women, his penchant for doing the unexpected made him a complex individual, a “Troubled Man”.
He was constantly thrust into the limelight, yet he was too shy to accept the responsibility that comes along with it. ” Ain’t That Peculiar”.
He lived his life the way that I have chosen to live mine – with love and social awareness on his mind.
Marvin Gaye was a talented man, a deeply honest man, a renaissance man. And his contributions to mankind are those that I wish to somehow duplicate.
“Mother, mother, they’re far too many of you crying. Brother, brother, brother there are far too many of you dying.”
“Wake up, wake up, wake up”!
Chicago, wake up!

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