Straight, No Chasers - Inside a Man's Mind: Trust

Why does so many men have trust issues? Do you really want to know? Sometimes a man will give it to you straight, as long as you can handle it. Women how often would you like to know what is going on inside the mind of a man? Many of you are curious about what we think and what makes us tick. Therefore allow me to introduce to you “Straight, No Chasers – Inside a Man’s Mind”. It is an inside look on our sometimes nefarious behavior.

For this first time I will take you inside the life of “John”. “John’s” true identity is unimportant. What are important are his actions involving trust.

“John”, a previously married man whose life began spiraling down after the demise of a friend walks through life with mistrust in his heart. During the time of his friend’s passing “John” sought out comfort from his wife, who at the time was coping with some undisclosed problems. “John’s” wife refused to budge on his needs of comfort and solace, and as a result, he has an issue with trust.

For her, she had not had many dealings with “John’s” friends. “John” kept her out of the loop on his comings and goings with most of his friends. This was clearly a mistake on his part, as he later learns the moment he seeks the help of his most faithful companion. His wife quickly reminded him of the divide that was created when he kept his outside life a secret. The divide grew so wide that they eventually decided to part ways.


“John” has returned to the dating scene but he comes with a caution flag – he has become further withdrawn from the women he dates. He refuses to put anything into relationship development, leaving women to scratch their heads. His tolerance level is low and he can barely trust a woman with his feelings. This is all because of the lack of interaction between him and his former wife during his time of need.

Before you judge “John”, think about what made that way.

Women what you have to understand about men is that usually only one of you gets the chance to get all of us. Men are always willing to give you a piece of them, but seldom the whole package. Once that first woman gets the chance at the whole package and ruins it, she ruins it for every other woman that follows behind her.

Most men will never admit to it but we will always keep something in reserve just in case you break our hearts. So the next time you ask yourself “why is he holding back”, think about the story of “John”, the first installment of “Straight, No Chasers – Inside a Man’s Mind” is over.        

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