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Sex!!! And Other Things to do While it is Cold Outside

Somewhere, somebody is barricaded underneath some covers wishing for a cohort to join them. In the meantime, their hands begin to shift towards the warmest, darkest areas of the human anatomy they can touch, rub and caress. In another place, somebody is sipping on a warm cup of hot cocoa, while wanting to share a... Read more »

The Theory Behind Lupe Fiasco's Inauguration Performance

Lupe Fiasco has done it again! Security had the Chicago-based hip-hop artist removed from the stage during the presidential inauguration, after performing an anti-war song for 30 minutes. The song, entitled “Words I Never Said” contains several anti-war sentiments, as well as other issues that go ignored in America. Here is a snippet of the... Read more »

The Gun Control Debate

Gun control in America is a tricky subject but it be must be discussed. Given the events of 2012: One in Aurora, Colorado, 12 dead and 70 others injured, and the second in Newtown, Connecticut where 27 people died, with several others injured. The shooters in each despicable crime used handguns and assault rifles as... Read more »

Sizing Up Top Chicago Bears Coaching Candidates

Sizing up the candidates for the Chicago Bears coaching vacancy is a tough task. For starters, there are too many potential names. Bears GM Phil Emery is doing his best Santa Claus impression. Emery is checking his list, and he is checking it twice, he is looking for a head coach that fits just right.... Read more »

Katherine Webb Comments: Fair or Foul?

Katherine Webb is a beautiful woman. There it is! I have said it! Katherine Webb, alum of Auburn University, is the reigning Miss Alabama. She is also the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide star quarterback, A.J. McCarron.     The latter is relevant because this past Monday, during college football’s B.C.S. National Championship game, Webb... Read more »