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New Year's Eve Playbook

Are you excited, New Year’s Eve is here! I have a playbook that you should follow in order to finalize the last few hours of the year. With 2012 being ushered out by its predecessor, 2013, take time to reflect on the good, the bad and ugly (you do not have to do it in... Read more »

"Taking the Lead (Chemistry Lessons)"

Last time I spoke with the women on how to go about “Offering Bait” to the men. This time, fellas, I must talk to us. Conversation is the key to jumpstart any potential relationship and it must become the way we communicate. You cannot create a foundation without communication. You can get your “boxers” in... Read more »

Why I Dislike Christmas

Bah, humbug! Go ahead and call me a Grinch but I dislike, no, I actually hate Christmas. Fewer people celebrated it for the right reasons. The meaning behind Christmas has become distorted. Christmas is supposed to be about giving to each other and spending quality time with family and loved ones, or alone. What it... Read more »

"Offering Bait" (Chemistry Lesson No. 1)

Ever had great chemistry with someone you met during a chance meeting? Of course, you have! The conversation is going well, mutually you are enjoying the connection. You keep a slither of hope that the feeling that has come over you can develop into something stronger. Your first mind suggested you wanted coffee but now... Read more »

Social Anxiety: Facing My Scars in the Mirror

When I sit inside a room full of people that I am meeting for the first time I feel awkward. Surrounded by personalities that are different from my own, the fear of making an ass of myself overwhelms me and undoubtedly affects my speech. Too afraid to create conversation, I, I aimlessly trot to the... Read more »

20 Innocent Young Lives in Newtown, CT

In Newtown, Connecticut, random violence ruined the lives of very young, impressionable minds. Among the 27 deceased were 20 children. I am certain that countless other children will have scars that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. The violence hits close to home because those minds were similar to the ones... Read more »

F-ing (Missing that Ole Feeling)

Question for you lovers and lusters out there, when was the last time you dusted off your old bag of tricks? What tricks am I referring to? Hide your children or anyone else that may not want bore themselves with this awful word, SEX! It is also know has getting laid, getting some, rolling in... Read more »

5 Ways to Revive the Sexy in Your Relationship

Love and lust is an interesting rollercoaster ride, full of ups, downs, twists and turns. When the fireworks are fresh, things get hot and heavy behind closed doors, in the car, park, beach, or wherever the sparks can fly. Things do go through a dry spell from time to time. When the dry spell happens,... Read more »

What Men Want (Act Two): Lasting Impressions

Men want so many things and according to you, we are never satisfied. According to you, we will keep looking to get over. We as men seldom want to settle. Why do that when we can make our situations better. According to you, what is better does not include you. Again, that is according to... Read more »

Wonderful Word Hello

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and it left you love struck? The whole time it is on, you are wishing that life worked that way for you. Every woman wants a man with the determination and patience of Noah from the movie, “The Notebook”. Every man wants to pinch themselves after experiencing their... Read more »