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Love or Obsession: Beware of "Bush Jumpers"

Love can make people do some crazy things. I have not said anything that you don’t already know. It’s hard to believe just how crazy a person can become, all because they are blinded by love, or the “illusion” of love. I was watching “The Trisha Goodard Show” yesterday, on the show there was a guy... Read more »

Interview with Josh Law of It Is What It Is

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Taking a break from dishing on relationships, I had the chance to catch up with Josh Law, lead singer of the indie rock group It Is What It Is days before their December 1st show at Reggie’s Rock Club. Josh gave me an inside look into what makes It Is What It Is tick. Topics... Read more »

What Men Want (Act One)

What do men want? I get asked that question all of the time. Sorry for the delay, life gets in the way sometimes. Now where were we? Are you still trying to find your way with men? You still don’t know what we want? Let me be your guide! Please understand that men are simple... Read more »

It’s Over Between You and Him, but It’s Not Over For You

“It may be a long time before I find somebody else,” too often does a young woman come my way saying those words. Her head sunk low, eyes sullen from crying. A bad night’s sleep is the character of her body language. She doesn’t know what to do with herself. All she knows, or believes... Read more »

Reminders (How We Get By)

We as people watch movies and dream. We are drawn, caught searching for the romanticism that helps us believe in one powerful four-letter word, love. It exists for many of us. We love our family, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. We love our friends, our pets. However, inside some of us, is the diming spark... Read more »

It's Just Coffee

Relax, it is just coffee! That is what someone is thinking after  somebody has denied their overture for a sit-down. Ever came across someone of the opposite sex who had some great conversation and you wanted it to continue? More than likely neither of you had the time to stick around just to talk. Maybe it was time... Read more »