How Can We Call Ourselves Great After Heather Heyer Was Killed In Charlottesville?

Heather Heyer unknowingly paid the ultimate sacrifice for what has become a tumultuous nine months. She died in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city which has become the focal point of why we as a nation may never reach its full potential. Every day there is another reason for us to lose hope, another reason for us to... Read more »

Talking To My 40-Year-Old Self

Talking To My 40-Year-Old Self
I am finally talking to my 40-year-old self and it is long overdue. No, I am not speaking aloud. And no, I will not answer myself when I ask some tough questions. So no, I am not losing it. I just need to have a chat with my 40-year-old self. As I take the time to... Read more »

Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson

Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson
Hello Mr. Scoop Jackson! I have idolized you for quite some time. Watching you on a local Chicago-based sports show at the turn of the century inspired me to want to take the path that you have taken on sports journalism. Over the years of watching my favorite ESPN shows “Around the Horn” and “Pardon... Read more »

Missing Marvin Gaye

Life and death brings things into a proper perspective. I will never forget the death of Marvin Gaye. Both his words and music, shaped the soul of an entire generation of people. With a zest for love, he taught many of our parents that “war is not the answer”. Marvin Gaye’s poetry spoke volumes over... Read more »

Straight, No Chasers - Inside a Man's Mind: Trust

Why does so many men have trust issues? Do you really want to know? Sometimes a man will give it to you straight, as long as you can handle it. Women how often would you like to know what is going on inside the mind of a man? Many of you are curious about what... Read more »

The "Answer Man's" Helper

Even the “Answer Man” needs help at times. I am a loner. For anyone who knows me, and very few people do, they will tell you that my preference for being alone is somewhat unhealthy. I have been this way ever since my childhood. When trouble dawns my door, as the “Answer Man”, I face... Read more »

Do You Want to Be Dominated, or Do You Want Direction

Do you want to be dominated, or do you want direction? This is the question that I ask myself when I hear a woman complain about the “curious” actions of a significant other. Women are dominated day in and day out. Men overwhelm them with demands and threats constantly without offering anything of positive substance.... Read more »

Getting Your Man to Commit

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Getting your man to commit is not impossible ladies! I am here to tell you how. If you are in a relationship, or seeking one from someone who suits your interest, ladies there is one damn-near surefire way that you can make him yours for the taking. As a man, I know what I like.... Read more »

How Much is too Much to Pay For Sex

How much is too much to pay for sex? No, I am not referring to prostitution. I am referring to the amount of money people are willing to pay in order to become someone’s object of affection. A few weeks ago I overheard a gentleman complain about putting $600 in his girlfriend’s hands (an investment... Read more »

The Law Saved George Zimmerman, Costing Trayvon Martin His Life

With a clear understanding of his rights as a citizen, George Zimmerman took advantage of a situation Trayvon Martin was not aware of. I know several Trayvon Martins. They are my children; my nephews, nieces and others. At one point in time I was Trayvon Martin. I was full of youth and innocence, with just... Read more »