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If Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes, I’ll be happy: That I can deadlift more than my husband weighs That that same husband and I have been married for 12 years this week and we celebrated by winning a giant banana with a mustache at Dave & Buster’s                    ... Read more »

Personal Life, Puppies, and Priorities: What happens when these things change

You may have noticed some radio silence here at Eri-thon. I have so many things that I want to share with you including some seriously overdue race reviews, the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run, trying out Coop Fitness, half marathon training with CARA, and my new Divvy membership. Also, why I’m taking a break from... Read more »

Road Runner Sports Adventure Run: Join me!

I’ve been busy these past few weeks so I haven’t had time to write about trying out Sproing Fitness or my upcoming Ragnar Relay. I did manage to get featured on the Chicago Running Bloggers’ Meet the Blogger Series, though. You can check that out here. So, yes, I owe you more than few posts.... Read more »

Frozen Zucchini 5K Snowshoe Adventure Race Recap

Frozen Zucchini 5K Snowshoe Adventure Race Recap
First thing’s first, though. The winner of the free AIR Aerial Fitness class is….Emily!! Congrats, Emily. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Now, onto my sorely belated recap of the Frozen Zucchini 5K Snowshoe Adventure race. Kim already wrote up a really awesome recap on her own blog which, really, you... Read more »

Win a free class at AIR Aerial Fitness Chicago!

Just last week I posted about my experience at AIR Aerial Fitness and so many of you thought it sounded like an awesome thing to try. Well, guess what? Now one of you can try it yourself for FREE!  Yes, AIR has been kind enough to offer one of my readers a free class at... Read more »

The New AIR Aerial Fitness in River North

The New AIR Aerial Fitness in River North
On Monday evening I trudged through the snow to attend my first class at the new AIR Aerial Fitness studio in River North. Thanks to the awesome minds behind the True2Life fitness group we were able to get this class for just $1. Oh, and before I go on, if you want to get in... Read more »

The naked truth about my try at pole dancing

Corporate Pole is small. They have four poles and a max of 8 people per class. You share the pole and take turns trying each move after the instructor shows you how to do it.
You’ve heard about it. You’ve snickered about it. Maybe you’ve even thought about trying it. But have you ever actually done it? Yes, I’m talking about pole dancing. And I tried it last weekend. And had a blast. No longer just the domain of seedy strip clubs, pole dancing has become a workout in its... Read more »

Why I Failed at Flamenco Chicago

Why I Failed at Flamenco Chicago
As you may know, I was on my high school’s dance team (or pom squad depending on where you’re from) in high school. I love to dance. However, I have never really taken a dance class other than a half-hearted attempt at jazz dance when I was in elementary school. Yet, I’ve always been intrigued... Read more »

What to Expect at Trapeze Class

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br> The knee hang! The very first trick you learn. And, yes, you will learn this at your very first trapeze class.
You may remember that I took my first trapeze class back in February. What you may not know is that since then I’ve been going to at least one class a month. More if I can make it happen. I bought the official Trapeze School of New York in Chicago log book to track my... Read more »

Why I Think You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership

I'm trying out <a href="">Crosstown Fitness</a> in the West Loop this Friday.
When I was in college my mom gave me some good advice. “Get into the habit of being active now. It’s so hard to do when you’re older.” This one piece of advice has stuck with me for years and years. It’s why I joined a gym right out of college. It’s why I took... Read more »