About Erin @ Eri-thon

Eri-thon collage of activities

I'm Erin.  In 2007 I joined my first running group and trained to run my first 5K.  The next year I moved to Chicago from Champaign, IL and was amazed at the amount of fitness opportunity available to me!  Since then I've been running, racing, biking, kayaking, CrossFitting, yoga-ing, and doing too many other things to name.  But name then I shall!  Eri-thon is here to show you the best places and ways to find fitness in Chicago.  If you want to incorporate fitness into your life you need to find something you love to do.  That won't be the same for everyone.  But if you follow me you'll find hidden places to run (or walk), new events you might not have heard of, and get the low-down on group fitness and gyms around the city.  Hope you can keep up!

Do you have a fitness related event or class you want me to attend and tell others all about? I'll try just about anything so send me an email at a2116 at me dot com and let's see what we can work out.