The four steps to running faster without actually running

2015 Lakefront 10 MilerI signed up for the Live Grit CARA Lakefront 10 Miler because I wanted to support Live Grit. They’re the ones who are teaching me to swim. They’re the ones who answer all the silly questions I have about biking. They’re the ones who didn’t make me feel ridiculous for not knowing anything about wetsuits. Their employees feel more like friends than people trying to sell you stuff and they’ve created an awesome community of athletes. Their tag line is that they’re Chicago’s most laid back triathlon store and I love them for that. I also love that they are a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

Anyway, just like the South Shore Half Marathon, I did no specific run training for the 10 miler.



And, spoiler alert, I managed to run my fastest 10 miles ever. I’m still in awe at myself when I look at my average pace per mile. Sub-8:30, people.  I’ve NEVER run that many miles that fast.

So, I joked with some people that I’m going to patent my non-training training plan.

How does it work?

1. Run a 10K in November and then basically run no more than 3-5 miles once a week or so until six weeks before you’re scheduled to do a half marathon in April. Run a few 8 milers and two 10 milers and MAYBE run one other short run during the week.

2. Swim once a week with a coach that makes you do crazy things like intervals, drills and hypoxic training.

3. Lift weights 3-4 times a week following the plan in Thinner, Leaner, Stronger. Workout with a personal trainer once a week.

4. Do an occasional HIIT workout on the bike trainer, treadmill or in a class like SHRED 415.

Also, I highly recommend not looking at your Garmin or other GPS watch during your race. As someone in my running club once said, “run stupid.”

Clearly this is working for me. And I love it. I love the variety. I love not being tied to a running training plan after years of being a slave to what it said on the calendar. I love that I can now deadlift more than my bodyweight and crush a 10 mile run. And, hey, actually swim!

IMG_8459-XLSo, what do you think? What should I call my new training plan?

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