How NOT to train for a half marathon

How NOT to train for a half marathon

Hey guys, guess what! I’m signed up to run the South Shore Half Marathon on April 4th!

Am I using a training plan?


Have I run more than 8 miles at once since…uh… I don’t know when?



Did I also sign up for the Live Grit Lakefront 10 Miler two weeks afterward?


Is this going to hurt?

Well, that I don’t know.

I  mean, I haven’t just been sitting around on my butt doing nothing. I’ve been doing a ton of strength training (probably literally if I added up how much weight I’ve slung around) as well as swimming once a week, the occasional short (3-6 mile) run and a VERY occasional bike trainer spin class. Oh, and some indoor rock climbing.

All in all, I’d say I’m in pretty good shape. I’m definitely stronger than I’ve been in the past. I’m actually to the point where I can swim 50 yards at a time with minimal rest. Heck, I was even on the winning relay team when we did some friendly competition in our swim class.

Two weeks or so ago I ran 8 miles with our pup, Chewie. Yes, he’s a pretty good running buddy. Last weekend we ran 6 miles together. I don’t
feel particularly winded, tired or sore after those runs so I have high hopes that I’m not doing something totally stupid by running two double digit races.

My plan this weekend is to run 10 miles. Originally I thought about taking Chewie with me but then, as it turns out, I decided to sign up for the Pi Day 5K Fun Run and get in 7 miles beforehand, run the 3.14 mile fun run, and then refuel with pie. So, sorry Chewie, no 10 mile run for you.

I fully admit that this is a really stupid way to train for a race. In

chewie_picfact, I wouldn’t necessarily call these races. Just, you know, long runs. Funny, since this time last year I PRed at the half marathon distance and this year I’ll just be happy to finish.  I don’t mind, though. Right now I feel like I’m in a good place with my fitness pursuits.

Now, ask me again in a month after I run these races and start to think about triathlon training.

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