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So, as I mentioned in my last post I’m trying to get back on track with how I want to workout.

At my new job I have a coworker whose physique I admired during a fitness class at the gym in our building. I complimented her later and she told me her secret: she bought Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews, followed one of his custom meal plans, and his year-long strength training plan. She highly recommend it and said she’d be happy to answer any questions.

Since I had some Amazon credit I went ahead and ordered the book. As with all books of this type, I found it incredibly overwhelming and my eyes started to glaze over when he talked about macros and how many carbs to eat before and after a workout and AHHHH! So, I went to his website¬†and ordered the custom meal plan. Basically, it’s a low-fat plan where your carbs and protein are pretty much equal to each other. I tracked my food for a few weeks before I ordered the meal plan and found that I actually ate a really high fat and carb diet but my protein wasn’t that high. So, basically, like most of America. Granted, most of the fat was coming from nuts, nut butter and olive oil and not McDonald’s but apparently you’re supposed to cut back on fat if you want to lose fat?

I thought the whole thing about eating fat makes you fat was debunked but, like I said, my eyes glaze over and I get lost when I try to read all that stuff. Which is why I figured I’d try the meal plan thing.

I actually had my body fat tested at the gym today using some kind of ultrasound machine and it was lower than I thought but basically the same that it’s been for awhile and just at the top of the average healthy range. I told the trainer I met with that my goals are just to get stronger and, you know, not have the fact that I have muscles be hidden. Yes, some of it is vanity, I admit.

Anyway, it’s all basically a big experiment for me. Can I stick to this meal plan? Can I stick to the strength plan? What, if any, difference will it make?

I don’t know but I’m going to find out!

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