Personal Life, Puppies, and Priorities: What happens when these things change

You may have noticed some radio silence here at Eri-thon.

I have so many things that I want to share with you including some seriously overdue race reviews, the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run, trying out Coop Fitness, half marathon training with CARA, and my new Divvy membership.

Also, why I’m taking a break from distance running.

I’m not injured, so no worries there. But sometimes life goes in new directions and you have to adjust your priorities.

See, at the end of June I started a new job. A week later my husband started a new job. Oh, and a few weeks before that we got a puppy.












Let me tell you how our days are going right now:

4:30 AM – Husband gets up for work.
4:30-5:00 AM – Husband gets ready for work, takes the puppy out, and feeds him
5:30 -6:00 AM – I get up
6:00 -7:30 AM – Get ready for work, take the puppy out again, eat breakfast, pack lunch, pack gym bag
7:30 – 8:00 – Commute to work
8:00 – 5:00 – Work
5:30 PM – Get home from work
5:30 – 6:00 or 6:30 – Walk the puppy, take him to the dog park
6:30 PM – Start dinner
6:45 – Husband gets home from work (yes, he’s currently working 12 hour days 3-4 days a week)
7:00 PM – Eat dinner, feed puppy
7:30 – 9:00 – Enjoy time with my husband, take puppy out, play with puppy
9:00 – Husband goes to bed
9:00 – 10:00 Blog, check email, etc
10:00 PM – I go to bed

Notice anything there? How about working out? Yeah. At my new job I don’t have a locker room, an office (I’m back in a cube) or as much flexibility about how long of a lunch hour I can take. Which means fewer lunch time runs and very little time before or after work to get in a run.

However! My new job is in the same building as gym which I can access via my Gymphoria membership (yet another thing I want to blog about). So, on days when I can squeeze it in, I do a fitness class at lunch.

Plus, taking two hours out of my weekend to go for a long run right now just isn’t going to happen. If my husband isn’t working on the weekend it’s one of the few times we have to see each other. And right now seeing my husband or taking the puppy to the dog park for two hours is trumping running.

Because of this I recently had to drop down from a half marathon distance to the 5K option for the Wine Trail Half Marathon. This is the first time since I started running that I registered for one distance but dropped the shorter one. That feels a bit weird but it’s also very freeing not to feel tied to HAVING to do a long run.

I took a break from running and hardcore working out back in 2012 and found it very freeing that time, too. As a Type A person with a very high responsibility score on tests that measure such things, sometimes I need to remind myself that breaks are not bad. They don’t make you less of a person. In fact, sometimes taking a break from one thing to focus on something else ends up making you better.

So hopefully you haven’t written me off and understand why, just like I might not have time to run three or four days a week, I might not have time to blog here all that often. But just like I try my hardest to get to the West Loop Run Group run on Tuesday nights, I’m hoping that in my new “normal” I can try my hardest to write here more often, too.

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