9 Facts about Life: One Post at a Time (Interview with a ChicagoNow blogger)

Many of you have have been reading this here blog since before I transitioned to ChicagoNow, back when I was on Blogger. One of the reasons I ended up moving to ChicagoNow was for the opportunities but it’s also given me a great community of other bloggers who all blog about different topics, have different outlooks, and different skills to bring to the table. We also have an amazing community manager who comes up with fun ideas. His latest? To interview another ChicagoNow blogger! I was assigned Jayme from Life: One Post at a Time.

Here’s what she had to say:

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, Jayme! For the rest of you reading, over 50 other ChicagoNow bloggers are participating in interviews today so this is a great chance to find some new favorites.

Note: unless otherwise noted, photos were provided by Jayme herself.

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