Chicago Running Bloggers get fit with Chicago Primal Gym

Chicago Primal Gym ReviewOn Tuesday night myself and three other Chicago Running Bloggers attended a complimentary class at Chicago Primal Gym located in Lakeview just off the Belmont stop.

Chicago Primal Gym is run by Sean Griffin who has a passion for seeing his clients get results. And while, yes, he wants you to get stronger, he also wants you to work on any mobility issues you have. Which is why he reached out to the CRB. Runners tend to have serious muscle imbalances that lead to poor posture, injuries, and just general inefficiencies while running. Sean wanted us to focus on moves that we probably don’t normally do.

Chicago running bloggers at Chicago Primal Gym

Emily, Erica, myself, Maggie

So, after an extensive warm-up that included, among many things,  foam rolling, one legged bridges, shoulder stretches, and some variations on squats we moved on to box jumps, medicine ball slams, farmer carries, battle ropes, ring rows, and split squats. Sean did a great job making sure that we all had the correct form which I really appreciated.

Sean said that his classes are either 12 person group classes or two or three person personal training sessions. He works with each person individually to make sure that each person is doing exercises that benefit him or her. He went on to explain that he doesn’t do drop-ins and prefers his clients to come several times a week. That way he knows what kind of imbalances they are dealing with and he can get to know them better.

As someone who has attended large group classes where it seems that the instructor doesn’t really care how you do the move or if the move is right for you, I really appreciated Sean’s mindset. Sean was very beginner friendly and very happy to give modifications if a move wasn’t going to work for one of us. I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable in how the body can and should work to its greatest advantage.

Unfortunately, Chicago Primal Gym is pretty out of the way for me right now. Otherwise I would definitely take advantage of his free week offer or even get a membership! Sean also very generously gave us each a $100 credit that can be used towards a membership but, since I don’t see myself traveling up there for classes I wanted to pass it along to one of you.

photo 2So, if you live near Lakeview and are interested in trying out Chicago Primal Gym, just leave me a comment telling me you want to try it out! Don’t have Facebook so you can’t leave a comment? Tweet at @looplooks or just shoot me an email to erin2116 at gmail dot com and let me know you want to enter. I’ll pick a name for the $100 credit next Wednesday so make sure I have a way to contact you.

Thanks to Erica for the photos!

Note: Sean did not ask me to write this review. He just offered us a free class to try it out and I had no idea he was going to give us the $100 credit.

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