Chicago's Pi Day 5K 2014

Chicago's Pi Day 5K 2014

I don’t know if it’s just the people and websites I associate with but it seemed like Pi Day was all over the internet last Friday, March 14th. The first three digits of the number pi are 3.14. Get it? Anyway, my friend Anne and the Wurst Running Club Ever mentioned Chicago’s Pi Day 5K (or Pi K, as the Illinois Science Counsel calls it. Although that would make it a very short race as 3.14 kilometers is only 1.95 miles.) presented by Fleet Feet on Friday night. $25 got you a Nike tech shirt, post race beers, post race pizza, and post race pie! Plus a trivia contest with the chance to win some awesome prizes.

There are three Fleet Feet locationpi_day_5K_2014s in the city of Chicago and each one had its own 5K run. We attended the one in Old Town and I honestly had no idea what to expect. Turns out it’s not really a race, more of a fun run since there’s no timing and the start line is a line spray painted on the sidewalk. Normally I would have just run leisurely and chatted with the WRCE members but I A. had a “pace run” on my half marathon training schedule (aka run at my half marathon goal race pace) and B. I was freezing.

See, the day started out nice and got much MUCH colder as it went on. Dressed in my WRCE tank top, arm warmers and capris (and even the race shirt!) I was shivering on our walk to the start line and while we waited for our official 6:28 PM start time (Get it? 2Pi?). Which means that once we got started I hauled buns (or pie?) to finish so I could get back indoors sooner.

We ran an out and back basically from the North Avenue bridge to the Diversey bridge. The city provided a lovely sunset view to help distract from the wind. And post race we got to gorge ourselves on Connie’s pizza, Hoosier Mama’s apple pie, and Hopothesis beer.

Although Old Town Fleet Feet is probably the largest Chicago location it was still crowded in the post-race area. I don’t know how many people they allowed at each location but someone said it was pi divided by 2. Which means about 1.57 people. I mean, 157 people. Still, the WRCE was able to find a spot to drink our beers and eat our pizza. And also listen to the trivia winner announcements. I came in second and won a cookbook from Hoosier Mama!hoosier_mama_book_of_pie

The Illinois Science Counsel and Fleet Feet put on a great event. And, really, when you put geeks who are also runners into the same room you know it’s going to be a good time. My only complaint was how crowded it was after the run but I don’t know how to combat that.

Next year Pi Day is on a Saturday so instead of a Friday night run they might do a Saturday morning run. So, if you want to have fun running with your friends who like pi, pie or both make a note to watch the Fleet Feet calendar for next year’s start time. I mean, you already know the date, right?


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