Frozen Zucchini 5K Snowshoe Adventure Race Recap

First thing’s first, though. The winner of the free AIR Aerial Fitness class is….Emily!! Congrats, Emily. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Now, onto my sorely belated recap of the Frozen Zucchini 5K Snowshoe Adventure race. Kim already wrote up a really awesome recap on her own blog which, really, you should probably just go read. But, in case you want my take, here are the highlights.

So, I’m proof that you don’t need to know how to snowshoe to do this event! You don’t even need to own snowshoes since you can rent them as part of your race entry. You just need to be ready to have fun doing something more difficult than your typical road race. I admit, half a mile in I didn’t know how I was going to do an entire 5K. But then I found a rhythm, took walk breaks when the snow got too deep, and ended up having a great time.

Although, I do have to tell one funny story. When I picked up my bib and race packet they asked my shoe size. Turns out we got a free pair of FITS socks with our race entry. Not to mention a fleece neck gaiter, cookies, coupons, and a ton of other great swag. Anyway, the woman manning packet pick-up gave me a pair of socks, my bib, and my goody bag. Kim and I left to head back to her house.

Once we were home I started going through my bag and realized that A. I’d been given someone else’s bib and B. She’d given me socks for a woman with a size 10 foot. For reference, I wear an 8 and FITS socks are specifically designed for specific shoe sizes. Well, I had to call about getting the right bib number anyway so I asked about the socks.

“Um, the other thing is that you gave me size large socks and I really need a medium since I wear a size 8.”

“Oh. I just gave you larger socks because I put everything the dryer. Don’t you?”


“Well, you can just exchange them tomorrow when you swap your bib.”

So, when we got to the race on Sunday morning I did just that. Except a completely different volunteer gave me a hassle about wanting smaller socks!

“They’ll shrink when you put them in the dryer!”

What is it with these people and sock shrinkage?? Hilariously, I’ve already worn, washed, and dried the correct sized socks twice. And they still fit fine, if not a little large.

Maybe I’ll use my race winnings and buy myself some more socks. Now that I know they don’t actually shrink.

P.S. A running buddy gave me some great advice about snowshoeing. She said to make sure you wear nylon wind pants otherwise your butt will get soaked from the snow you kick up behind you. She was totally right and I’m really glad I wore my wind pants! My butt was nice and dry. My feet, not so much. Good thing I had those extra socks!

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