Wilson Fitness Review: A Great West Loop Addition

Wilson Fitness Review: A Great West Loop Addition

Back in November I cashed in a Groupon/LivingSocial/Whatever deal for this new fitness studio called Wilson Fitness Studios that opened up literally less than 70 yards from my apartment building. I mean, seriously. How could I NOT try that out? So, I did. And here’s my Wilson Fitness review.

Wilson Fitness is run by Jessica Wilson and her pup Oliver. Yes, she brings her dog to work. He hangs out and watches while you sweat. As a dog lover, I think this is freaking adorable.


All of the classes at Wilson Fitness are named something-FIT. When I went back in November they had Dynamically FIT, Classically FIT, FIT Cardio, FIT Abs and FIT After Baby. I was only able to try Dynamically FIT and Classically FIT before my allotted time ran out, unfortunately. And, since I don’t have a baby, FIT After Baby wasn’t applicable to me.

The most appealing thing about Wilson Fitness right now is that they are small and working hard to grow while listening to their customers’ suggestions. They recently changed some of the class names to more accurately describe the classes and they added more class times after polling their members.

So, what class options do they offer now?

Dynamically FIT – Dynamic combo of High Intensity Strength Training and High Intensity Cardio.

Classically FIT – Full body, High Intensity Strength Training, working each muscle group to complete momentary fatigue building lean muscle tissue.

HIIT FIT – Combination of short interval bursts on the treadmills and dynamic strength training intervals on the floor.

Abdominally FIT – Combination of High Intensity Strength Training and core focused exercises, your ABS will stay engaged throughout the entire workout.

Restorative Yoga

Fitness After Baby

As I mentioned, I was only able to try out Dynamically FIT and Classically FIT. I would compare Dynamically FIT to what I experienced at Crosstown Fitness but a little more toned down. The class sizes were considerably smaller, which makes sense because the space is smaller. Dynamically FIT is more tailored to beginners but even more seasoned fitness gurus will get a good workout. Especially when the instructor challenges the class to things like a wall-sit competition!

Classically FIT focuses more on lighter weights or resistance bands with a lot of reps. I enjoyed this class and think it would be a great workout to do first thing in the morning if you’re not a morning person. You will feel your muscles burn but you won’t want to crawl back into bed and lay there panting for air.

I’d love to try the HIIT FIT class and I could always use more ab work (my lower abs are basically non-existent) so I’m considering getting a class pack. Prices for memberships are reasonable, especially for Chicago and if you want a smaller, more personalized gym and fitness studio then Wilson might be for you. It doesn’t have the amped up energy of a place like Crosstown but Jessica knew my name and welcomed me by it after one class and one of the trainers was super surprised to learn I’d graduated college in 2002. Compliments will always win me over.

Overall, they are definitely on the list of places I’ll go back to again. Especially since they’re right across the street!

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