The New AIR Aerial Fitness in River North

The New AIR Aerial Fitness in River North

On Monday evening I trudged through the snow to attend my first class at the new AIR Aerial Fitness studio in River North. Thanks to the IMG_2650awesome minds behind the True2Life fitness group we were able to get this class for just $1. Oh, and before I go on, if you want to get in on this AWESOME group that is not only super supportive but also comes up with amazing workout deals, just let me know. We’ll get you in.

Anyway, Melissa and Matt, our fearless leaders, were able to score us this killer deal for AIR Aerial Fitness. But what is AIR anyway? Well, remember back when I went to Trapeze School New York in Chicago for the first time and got to play around on the silks? AIR is basically an entire class of silks. Except instead of just learning tricks you’re also using the silks to do a strength workout.

Put your feet in the silks and do planks. Use the silks to do rows. One legged modified burpees with one foot in the silks (which I actually found easier than a regular burpee). Grab the silks, jump up, and pull your knees to your chest to work your abs. All of that and more. It’s kind of like a TRX class if you’ve ever taken one of those.

air_fit_true2life_3The difference? At the end of AIR you get to play around and learn a few tricks that can leave you hanging upside down or suspended in the air. Those are my favorites.

The only downside I saw was that some of the moves are HARD. And, in fact, because I didn’t feel like I had enough time to get comfortable in some of the positions I think I tweaked my back/left shoulder blade by attempting a move before I had my form correct.

Overall, I would prefer to take a regular strength class and then if I wanted to learn more about silks I would go to TSNY instead. Still, it was a fun experience and I’m thankful True2Life gave me the opportunity!air_fit_true2life_1

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