2013 Running and Fitness Recap

2013 Running and Fitness Recap

So many things to write about, so little time! I want to tell you all about the running streak I did where I ran at least one mile a day starting on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day. I want to give you my review of Wilson Fitness. But first, I want to give you my 2013 running and fitness recap.

























I didn’t start out this year meaning to run 21 races. Really, my only goals for 2013 were to run at least one race longer than a 10K, do my PT exercises, not be seduced by squats, finish my 2012 race scrapbook and keep my hip happy.

Well, I definitely ran at least once race longer than a 10K! In fact, here’s a larger version of the graph above.










Of course, thanks to my 5 5Ks in 5 Days challenge  plus an assortment of other 5Ks, those made up almost half of my 2013 races.

As for my other goals? Well, I wouldn’t say I did my PT exercises but I did keep my hip happy! I also now know how to do squats without further aggravating my FAI and do them quite a bit now that I’ve found several awesome fitness studios in my neighborhood.

However, I did NOT finish (or even start) my 2012 race scrapbook. So, uh, now I’m two years behind. Oops.

But, in addition to running all those races and discovering new fitness studios (including Crosstown which awesomely gave me an additional 10 classes after I wrote my review), I tried Flamenco dancing and pole dancing, learned to stand-up paddleboard, rode 65 miles with Venus de Miles, took a Zumba class in the park and fell in love with trapeze.

Yes, I’d say 2013 was a fitness success.

So, what am I doing in 2014?

My fitness goals are to PR at a half marathon, pace my friend Rae to the finish line of her first half marathon (Cleveland, baby!), attend trapeze more often, and finally achieve that pull-up I’ve been chasing (which means continuing with the strength training).

Of course, that will all be sandwiched in amongst taking a grad level class (Text and Image), doing marketing for the Good Life Race, spending time with my husband and friends, working the day job and blogging about all my new and continuing fitness pursuits!

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