The naked truth about my try at pole dancing

You’ve heard about it. You’ve snickered about it. Maybe you’ve even thought about trying it. But have you ever actually done it? Yes, I’m talking about pole dancing. And I tried it last weekend.

And had a blast.

No longer just the domain of seedy strip clubs, pole dancing has become a workout in its own right. While Chicago has several different pole dancing workout options, I tried my first class at Corporate Pole in the West Loop. For only $30 you, too, can spend the fastest hour of your life learning how to spin, climb, and pose on that shiny pole.

Seriously, that hour goes fast. But it’s a ton of fun.

So, here are my tips on how to get a great workout in a way I bet you never imagined. Trust me, this will work your arms, shoulders and core like nothing else.

Because I originally went on a Living Social deal, I got an additional 5 pole dancing classes for under $100. Which means, yes, I will be back. Feel free to join me! We can have fun,  laugh, and get in a workout together. Corporate pole also has yoga, Zumba and stretching classes and is hoping to add either aerial silks or possible a scaled down form of trapeze in the future as well!

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Or you know, type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button so you don’t miss out on a great workout.

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