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The naked truth about my try at pole dancing

Corporate Pole is small. They have four poles and a max of 8 people per class. You share the pole and take turns trying each move after the instructor shows you how to do it.
You’ve heard about it. You’ve snickered about it. Maybe you’ve even thought about trying it. But have you ever actually done it? Yes, I’m talking about pole dancing. And I tried it last weekend. And had a blast. No longer just the domain of seedy strip clubs, pole dancing has become a workout in its... Read more »

Why I Failed at Flamenco Chicago

Why I Failed at Flamenco Chicago
As you may know, I was on my high school’s dance team (or pom squad depending on where you’re from) in high school. I love to dance. However, I have never really taken a dance class other than a half-hearted attempt at jazz dance when I was in elementary school. Yet, I’ve always been intrigued... Read more »