The Life Fitness Synrgy 360 and You

The Life Fitness Synrgy 360 and You

Welcome to the Synrgy 360 from Life Fitness. At first glance it looks like some kind of terrifying torture device. But it’s actually an amazing piece of work out equipment. And when paired with an awesome personal trainer, this thing can give you one heck of a one hour workout.

How do I know? Because I got the chance to use it last week with Melissa diLeonardo, one of the top personal trainers in Chicago and one of Life Fitness’s Top 10 trainers in the world. IMG_6604

Melissa put together a great workout for the group of 5 of us that included quite a few of the options provided by the Synrgy 360, including step-ups, battle ropes, kettlebells, boxing, cable rows and lunges, and tricep dips to name a few. And between doing each of those exercises for 45 seconds we did 15 seconds of high intensity cardio. High knees, butt kicks and mountain climbers anyone?

The way the Synrgy 360 works is that it has multiple stations and storage shelves at each corner so you can move around it in a circle which makes it perfect for a group strength class. Each person gets a station, does that exercise for the set amount of time, and then you move on. Melissa did a wonderful job of not only explaining each exercise in synrgy_360_Collageadvance but of walking around and correcting our form, offering encouragement, and checking in on us. Unlike many of the other fitness classes I’ve attended, it was really easy for her to see all of us just by walking in a circle!

I would definitely attend a class that utilized the Synrgy 360. I don’t know if I would use it if it was just sitting in the gym, though. Like I said, it can be kind of intimidating. But with someone like Melissa at the helm to direct us it makes an amazing workout!

FYI: Life Fitness offered me this class and gear free of charge but, no worries, all opinions are my own.

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