Why You Should Support This Chicago Based Kickstarter for Swirlgear

Many of you probably know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Swirlgear, a company that empowers women by creating running apparel for women runners, by women runners. We are a brand new, women owned company out of Chicago.


Current Swirlgear Cap Sleeved Tops

Three weeks ago we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our killer next line of Swirlgear apparel. We started strong with major contributions and as of September 3rd we’ve raised $5,166 which is great, but we still need $144,834 to reach our goal with 15 days left. Think this is impossible? Never! I’ll show you how, but we’ll need your help!


We could CRUSH our goal if 30 people we know each contribute at least $25, while receiving (or gifting) a capped sleeve of their choice from the new line at a discount!

How does Kickstarter work?

From Kickstarter: Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money. All-or-nothing funding might seem scary, but it’s amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea. To date, an impressive 44% of projects have reached their funding goals.

This means that if you contribute your credit card only gets charged and you only receive the incentive associated with your contribution if we raise our entire $150,000!

What are the incentives?

Contributions range from $1 to $10,000! The most popular contribution levels are $25 to $100.

For $25 you will receive a cap-sleeved shirt of your choice from Swirlgear. This means you’re getting it for the wholesale price or 50% off retail!

For $35 you will get one of the racerback tanks from their new line once it’s funded. There are a limited number of $35 contributions available so pounce on this one right away if it’s what you want!

For $50 you’ll get a long-sleeved tech shirt from the Swirlgear line.

And for $100 you get THREE pieces of Swirlgear of your choice!! This is an amazing deal and the one that I personally chose.

Alternately, if you’re local to Chicago you can join the Swirlgear ladies at Flagship Tavern & Grill tomorrow night where they’ll be taking over the bar and hosting a fashion show. All tips will go towards the Kickstarter!

Why should I contribute?

This company isn’t just about me. It isn’t just about the owner, Lacey. It’s about women who are passionate about staying fit without sacrificing comfort. I’ve personally run in a Swirlgear cap-sleeved top on a 95 degree evening in Chicago. Normally I would run in just a sports bra but I wanted to put the gear to the test. It passed with flying colors. I didn’t feel any warmer than I would if I was shirtless and the shirt wicked away the sweat better than most of my other tops.

Right now this company is small. It’s a start-up. They are relying on people like me to help them get the word out.

Swirlgear’s mission is simple: design the best technical gear for women. Helping them grow as a company now only ensures that going forward they will have something for every woman out there.

So, are there 30 of you out there who are willing to contribute $25 to move Swirlgear to the next level?  If so, contribute today!

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. It means the world to us!


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