Why I Think You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership

When I was in college my mom gave me some good advice. “Get into the habit of being active now. It’s so hard to do when you’re older.”

This one piece of advice has stuck with me for years and years. It’s why I joined a gym right out of college. It’s why I took up running when the gym wasn’t giving me the results I wanted. And it’s why I always had a gym membership until we moved to a building with its own gym.

But, I live in Chicago. The land of every kind of fitness pursuit you can think of. Yet, for years all I did was run and go to the gym. Okay, yes, I took some basic group fitness classes at my various gyms but I didn’t go really outside my comfort zone.

Then I moved into the West Loop and everything changed. I could no longer afford my gym membership but we had a small gym in our building. But this meant no more group fitness classes included in a gym fee. Running and lifting on my own was going to continue to be my routine.

And then I got injured, couldn’t really run, and had to come up with more creative ways to stay fit. So I bought fitness deals so I could try out other places and routines. And fell in love.

See, gyms can be great. But there are so many more options out there! So, here’s my advice to everyone who says they can’t get fit because they don’t have a gym membership. You don’t need one. Hate working out because it’s hard work? Find something you love and that you WANT to do.

Cancel your gym membership. Skip the monthly gym fees. Look to Groupon and LivingSocial and AmazonLocal and Gilt City. You will find more workouts than you know what to do with without the monthly fee and what feels like a life-long commitment. Not everyone can stand toiling away the hours on the treadmill or the elliptical. Not everyone feels comfortable in the weight room. Instead, below are five different options for you, all of which I will be trying or have tried. Find your new fitness passion.

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