From Fort2Base to Getting Fly: The Running I've Been Doing

This has been one busy week! In fact, I am looking forward to my long Labor Day weekend because I am exhausted! Why? Because this week I’ve done three running related events including the Fort2Base 10 Nautical Mile race, hanging at Road Runner Sports with some fellow Swirlgear Ambassadors, and running a 4×1600 mile relay with Nike Chicago.

Here’s a short recap of each event.

Fort2Base 10 Nautical Mile Race

This 11.5 mile race starts at Fort Sheridan in Lake Forest, Illinois and runs along the McClory Bike Path finishing with a loop around Great Lakes Naval Base and includes the affectionately named “Hero Hill” during mile 10. Trust me, if they named that hill what it really feels like to run up the name would not be safe for work. fort2base2013

There’s also a 3 Nautical Mile option for those who prefer shorter distances.

Fort2Base has been around since 2011 and every year they improve. Although this was my first time doing the race I know people who have been involved since the beginning and from what I hear this race was one of the best yet. It’s a unique distance that starts and ends at unique spots. Yes, you have to take a shuttle bus to the start line and then again from the finish line to where you’ve parked, but that’s not unusual for a point-to-point race.

Overall, I had zero expectations for myself for this race since my training has been rather lackluster. But, it was a great day and a great race so I was perfectly happy with  my finish time.

Swirlgear and Rocktape at Road Runner Sports

In case you don’t know, Swirlgear is a Chicago-based women-owned women’s running and fitness clothing company for which I am an ambassador. I will be posting more about it in the next few days but right now we are doing a Kickstarter to raise money for the new clothing line that they hope to launch in January. To help promote Swirlgear I try to attend events wearing one of my Swirlgear tops.


The event at Road Runner Sports also featured a taping demonstration by a Rocktape representative. I asked her if she could just tape my whole left leg. She kindly obliged.

Then we ran 1 mile to McDonald’s for 49 cent ice cream cones, ate them, and ran back. Excellent idea on a 95 degree evening. (Thanks to Nicole and Maggie for the photos!)  swirlgear_gets_rocktape


Get Fly Relays with Nike Chicago

For the past month I’ve been participating in a program with Nike Chicago that included free shoes, free Nike gear, and a free personal training session to learn how we can increase our running speed all with the goal of decreasing our one mile time in four weeks.


I ran my first mile with Maggie and Jennifer at the beginning of August and last night my entire team, featuring Erica, Maggie, Jennifer and me met up at the Nike event at the track at Lake Shore Park to see how much we had improved.

To be honest, Nike isn’t the most organized group but they do put on a good show. The relay included start and finish lines, official batons with our team names on them (Team Blogger, here) and chip-timed individual and team results. team_blogger_nike_flyknit

I hadn’t been doing much of the speedwork but I was including some of the strength training moves the personal trainer showed us. It must have worked for all four of us because we took over 2 minutes off our total time from a month ago! I think the track might have been a tad short but it if wasn’t then the 7:27 mile I ran was my fastest mile ever.  (Thanks again to Maggie for some of these photos!)



For a really good recap of the entire night’s event head over to Jennifer’s blog!





So now you can see why I need a nice, long nap!


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