Free Fitness Classes at Chicago's Millennium Park

Free Fitness Classes at Chicago's Millennium Park
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Did you know that every Saturday in the summer you can take FREE fitness classes, including Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago? I think I might have known this in the back of my head but it wasn’t until my friend Kelsey suggested we check out the Zumba class that I managed to get down to the Great Lawn just before 10:00 AM last Saturday. The schedule currently is:

Tai Chi – 7 AM

Yoga – 8 AM

Pilates – 9 AM

Zumba – 10 AM

Tip: Bring a full water bottle and sunscreen. The sun can be brutal and you won’t want to miss a thing to run

Millennium Park Great Lawn

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off and try to find a water fountain!

As we watched the Pilates attendees finish up, roll up their mats, and head off for the rest of their day we took our place in the middle of the Great Lawn but slowly realized we needed to move closer.

Tip: Stand near the front if you want the best view of the instructor. Otherwise just fake it til you make it or hope the people in front of you have some idea what they’re doing.

There is very little explaining of the moves beforehand with any of the three instructors we had. They just jumped right into the dancing and the field full of people followed along.

I’ve done Zumba once before and taken several other cardio dance classes so I felt right at home. Even my friends who didn’t have a Zumba background enjoyed themselves and left knowing they’d gotten in a great workout.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay

Photo courtesy of Lindsay

Tip: You can make Zumba as easy or as hard as you want. It’s a great scalable workout.

I was dripping with sweat and thrilled that I was doing a group cardio fitness activity outside! Normally you do these in gyms staring at yourself in the floor to ceiling mirrors but this was much more fun. And a great way to enjoy summer as well.

Plus, it’s free! Wear comfy sneakers, bring some water, wear clothes you can sweat it and enjoy an amazing workout. Or if you decide to do Yoga or Pilates, don’t forget your mat!



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