Flying through the Air: A Night at the Trapeze School of New York in Chicago

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly?  No, not on an airplane.  Just you, flying through the air.  Well, until we figure out how to create a human/bird hybrid the next best thing is hanging from a trapeze.  There’s a reason it’s called “flying through the air with the greatest of ease.”  It really is like flying.  And it actually is pretty easy.

Living Social had a deal for a 2 hour trapeze class plus post-class dinner and drinks. I thought it sounded interesting so I bought two.  One for me and one for my husband.

I have no desire to sky dive.  I wouldn’t consider myself a risk-taker or a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junky.  It just sounded like a unique way to spend an evening.

And it turns out it’s more fun than you think.

There’s no pussy-footing around.  They hook on your harness and send you up a ladder.  They teach you how to grab the trapeze and how to jump off the platform.  And then you’re flying and they’re calling out instructions.

In the blink of an eye your knees are hooked over the bar and you’re swinging.  And then you’re letting go and doing an somersault in the air and landing in the net.  My body took over as if it was meant to do this its whole life.  There’s no time to think, you just do it.  And then you want to do it again.  And again.

Thankfully I was chosen for the subset of the class that got to do the “catch” meaning another Trapeze School staffer catches you in mid-air. We only got to try that once and it wasn’t enough for me. So, I signed up for a second class. And the Trapeze School of New York-Chicago has a deal right now where if you purchase a second class you get a third for free. No brainer for this gal.

Their tag line is “Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.” Truer words have never been spoken.

(Note: There is an image slideshow here, just in case it doesn’t show up in your RSS feed or email.  Click through to the full post to see the images.)

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