Yoga Loft: Way More than Yoga

Yoga Loft: Way More than Yoga

Welcome to Yoga Loft Chicago.  Hang up your coat, stash your shoes, grab a mat, and get ready to sweat.  No, this isn’t hot yoga.  In fact, it isn’t even yoga the way you imagine it at all.  It’s Yoga Sculpt.  Your instructor this evening is Tim.  And tomorrow you will be sore.  And you will like it.


Oh, don’t forget to grab your handweights, too.  I suggest starting with three pound weights.  Maybe five if you’re feeling strong.

Yes, I said yoga with handweights.  Remember, this isn’t your traditional yoga class.  Sure, there are some downward facing dogs and there are some cat and cow poses.  But those are just the warm-up.  Bicycle crunches, anyone?  What about deep lunges using those handweights to do shoulder rows?  Squats with shoulder presses? Donkey kicks? Every form of plank you can imagine?

During the Monday night Yoga Sculpt Core Class Tim will put you through all of that and more.  The energy in the class is high.  And while Tim demonstrates the moves at the highest level he encourages everyone to adjust them to however hard they want to work.  Can’t go into a deep squat?  That’s okay.  Need to put a knee down during the planks?  That’s cool.

Sweat will drip off your nose and onto your mat.  Your muscles will scream at you.  You will be panting after the second round of fast feet and high knees.  But before you know it the 45 minute class will be over and you will think to yourself, “Are we done already?”



Tim is an amazing instructor and Yoga Loft is incredibly welcoming.  I just went last night and already I want to go to every Yoga Sculpt class they offer.  My abs are just sore enough that I know I worked them without being so sore I can’t move (yet). I was able to adjust all the moves without feeling like I was failing at them.  And I left with an adrenaline high that is yet to subside.

If you are looking for a high energy class that will work your muscles the way lifting weights at the gym just doesn’t then Yoga Sculpt at Yoga Loft Chicago is the class for you.

You can try two weeks of unlimited classes for just $35 or try one class for $18.  Tell ‘em I sent you (or maybe drop Kelsey’s name) and maybe you can get the $12 student rate.

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