The Chicago Class That Will Kick Your Butt (in a good way)

The Chicago Class That Will Kick Your Butt (in a good way)

My first experience with Women’s Workout World wherein I tried Turbo Kick left me feeling disheartened and frustrated.  But, I have 14 more classes to use on my Groupon and not wanting to give up on something after just one try I decided last week to check out a class they call “Kickin’ Core Ball”.

Rock your Core in this Fat-Blasting, Exciting NEW ball workout! Inspired by Turbo Kick, this workout uses the same core defining moves but zones in on targeted areas using the ball. You’ll combine hard-core cardio drills to burn fat with intervals of body sculpting ab sections. Motivating music and Ab Blasting Intervals equals rockin results!!

When I arrived on Friday after work I saw a small sign by the reception desk that stated Kickin’ Core Ball was canceled but was being replaced with a class that amounted to a circuit training bootcamp.  The receptionist assured me I would love it.

I do have to hand it to Women’s Workout World for pulling a class together at what seemed like the very last minute.  I could tell they were scrambling but together two trainers shared the duties.  One led us in a warm-up while the other finished laying out all the equipment we’d need.

And what kind of equipment did we use?  Here’s our circuit.  All exercises were done for 30 seconds.

1. Resistance bands used for bent-over rows

2. Resistance bands used for upright rows

3. Squats with weighted ball slams w/8 pound ball

4. Squats with weighted ball slams w/10 pound ball

5. Planks (x2)

medicine ball

6. Step-ups with a push-up on a low step

7. Step-ups with a push-up on a high step

8. Mountain climbers while pushing a 35 pound sled


9.  Wall squats w/a stability ball

10. Lunges with a kettlebell (x2)

11. Jump rope (x2)

12. Burpees with a Bosu (x2)


12. Rope slams with squats (x2)


And after all that?  How about some core work!  Various kinds of sit-ups left my abs burning.  I feel sorry for whoever used my mat after me considering I dripped sweat all over it.  I figured I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms the next day.

Strangely, my calves were the most sore for several days afterward! I suppose I never focus on my calves so the mountain climbers while pushing the weighted sled and the jump roping really did me in.

So, I have to say that this class really helped redeem Women’s Workout World.  It’s too bad it’s not offered on a regular basis as part of their open schedule.  It’s a killer but one that will leave you feeling satisfied!

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