Piloxing in Chicago

Piloxing in Chicago

Have you heard of Piloxing?  No?  Well, here’s what you’re missing:


“Join the latest Hollywood Celebrity fitness craze sweeping the nation! PILOXING uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape. Experience the transformation as you attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.”   —Piloxing.com


I’ve now taken two Piloxing classes from two different instructors at two different studios in downtown Chicago.  The first class was at Chicago Women’s Fitness.  I didn’t really know what to expect since it was my first time doing Piloxing.


Basically, it’s more of a combination of ballet and yoga moves such as plies and balancing stick combined with jabs and hooks.  To get your heart rate up you do jumping jacks and high intensity kickboxing before moving onto the ballet and yoga inspired moves.  You can also purchase small weighted gloves to add extra strength training to all of the moves.


Because during those ballet moves you aren’t just standing there.  Nope.  You’re pulsing your arms behind you to work your triceps.  You’re beating one heel against the other to work your inner thighs.


My second class was at Posture Perfect Pilates in the South Loop.




Located at 1247 S Wabash, just south of the Roosevelt CTA stop, this is a tiny studio that shares its space with a teeth whitening office.


photo 1


From the waiting area you can hear the classes in the main room going on as well as the private and small group sessions in the other room.  From what I could hear of the Pilates class before me, it sounded nicely intense.


When I took Piloxing at Chicago Women’s Fitness it was definitely heavier on the boxing side of things.  I was surprised at Posture Perfect Pilates that the instructor told us that the workout was designed to be done barefoot.  News to me!  I left my shoes on, though, since my knees and shins prefer support when hopping around.


The first Piloxing workout I did left me drenched in sweat.  This second one didn’t but I was surprised that my triceps were sore the next day!


So, here’s what I can tell you about each from taking one class from both locations.


Piloxing at Chicago Women’s Fitness


*More boxing and cardio focused

*Moves are explained quickly or not at all

*Requires some knowledge of ballet positions

*Some ab work at the end

*Awesome music

*Large studio space


Piloxing at Posture Perfect Pilates

*More Pilates focused

*Less cardio (lots of jumping jacks but that’s about it)

*Music not quite as good

*More ab work

*Small studio space

*Moves explained in more detail


In the end, both were good classes and I think Piloxing is fun.  If you’re looking for a fun, new workout I recommend you find a Piloxing class near you and check it out.

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