Chicago Women's Fitness - Where the Loop Gets Fit

Chicago Women's Fitness - Where the Loop Gets Fit

In an unassuming building at 30 E Adams, after most office workers have gone home for the day, the 9th floor starts to bump with the sound of upbeat music.

It’s not a dance club.  It’s Chicago Women’s Fitness.  Owner Michelle Rossfeld, CPT provides an assortment of fitness options for women who work or live in the Loop.  Chicago Women’s Fitness is only open on weekday evenings and on Saturday mornings since it caters mostly to working women.

I don’t know about you, but since I’m not a morning person I appreciate a gym that knows I’m more likely to attend a group exercise class on my home from work as opposed to on my way to work.

But this isn’t your typical gym.  There’s no showing up and whiling away 30 minutes on the treadmill or staring at the weight machines wondering what to do next.  Nope.  Michelle offers a variety of classes and bootcamps including:

  • A 4 week indoor bootcamp program
  • Chicago’s first women-only boxing
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Focus abs and butt classes
  • circuit classes (this circuit is like no other, they use equipment that women ordinarily don’t try or use. Like training ropes, kettlebells, power slides and slam balls, just to name  few)  Note: I don’t know what some of those thing are, either.  But now I want to try them.


I discovered Chicago Women’s Fitness through a Groupon deal last fall.  I took several cardio kickboxing classes.  The first time I went I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair the next day.  For someone who almost became a cardio kickboxing instructor several years ago this was a new feeling.

I loved it. Running and walking only do so much, you know.  They aren’t working your arms unless you walk on your hands.

Michelle also brings in new and different classes and instructors on a regular basis and listens to the class attendees about what they like and don’t like.  Since I got on the mailing list I’ve had the opportunity to try WERQ (a hip-hop based dance class) and Piloxing (a fusion of cardio kickboxing and ballet) at no additional charge.

And everything I’ve done there has been fun and a great workout!  There’s a board in the workout area filled with pictures and testimonials from women who have learned they are capable of so much more than they thought.

So, if you work or live in or near the Loop, I highly recommend you check out Chicago Women’s Fitness.   And, no, no one is paying me to say this.  I promise.  You’ll love it.


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