Juanes ROCKS Chicago

Juanes is sensual and sexy without hips flying all over the place or a stage full of dancers  and I was totally taken by surprise by this. Juanes is a Columbian born, 15 Grammy award winning Latin performer superstar and he brought his passion and incredible voice to his beloved fans in Chicago, at the Rosemont Theater.

I’m a huge Juanes fan and have been for years but I’ve never seen him perform live before this night so my first impression of this man since he has so much to say through his music, he had multiple guitarists and more percussionists on the stage than I’d ever seen before, a magnificent band supporting him and lots of adoring fans singing along to his hits, was that I was won over if I wasn’t a super fan before.

Juanes’ energy and love was apparent in how he performed for about 2500 adoring fans that night and it was top notch. He performed hits from his newest release, “P.A.R.C.E” along with some classic favorites. He did great job spreading his message of political, emotional and sentiments of love through his personal views and his music. He also never failed to bring his true alt rock and roll roots to the surface for his fans to enjoy.  

Although the house was not completely sold out, true Juanes fans showed their love for the Latin performer with standing ovations. Juanes opened the show with “Yerbatero” and while his band was incredible and kept up with the rock star, the roaring audience seemed to enjoy the entire performance.

Juanes also included many classics that of course, have the rhythms of Columbia. Those were the sounds that filled the theater for the rest of the night. He also covered Joe Arroyo’s “La Noche” beautifully and included hits such as “Odio Por Amor”, “Regalito“, “La Camisa Negra” and (one of my recent favorites) “A Dios le pido“. Juanes closed the night with “Me Enamora” but added a few more songs, just for his real fans, for the encore.

It was great to finally see Juanes live and I can’t wait until he returns with more love and messages through his music.

Photos courtesy of Javier Enriquez – tojavierenriquez@yahoo.com



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