Caught at the Underground

Super fan? Sure, I guess I am a super fan of very few things or people in the world and one of them being Duran Duran, since I was about 12 years old to be exact.

What kind of luck do I have? Not so good, really. If you know me, you understand this statement. So when I got the opportunity to meet one of my favorite people since I was a kid, lead singer, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran last night, I thought I was going to DIE. No seriously, I thought I would seriously die from shock.

Lori, Jae, Billy Dec, me, and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran at the Underground Nightclub

Friends at the Underground Nightclub with Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran
Photos courtesy of Jae Miller

Last night, my friends Lori, Jae and I went out to hang at the new Paris Club for a bit to unwind. Afterwards we wanted to dance, so we decided to go to the Underground nightclub.  

It took just a little bit of organizing and texting to get reservations but it was just a short walk from our original spot and once there, we were received at Underground, along with the red carpet treatment.

Early on, I find out that Duran Duran was due to show up for an after concert cocktail and dancing after their House of Blues concert performance which was right down the street. I was excited but not really counting on them showing at all. That’s usually my luck.

So when Simon Le Bon arrived with the club’s owner, Billy Dec, I reverted into a hyperventilating 12 year old super fan, all over again. But privately at our table, of course!!

After some prodding from my friends, I finally got the nerve to go over and say “Hello” to Simon and ask if we (my friends and I) would be able to take a picture with him and he did oblige. I walked away in a daze and burst into tears as we arrived back to our table. It was terrible, I know!! And NO, I wasn’t intoxicated. I think I was so taken back that I had finally been able to meet this person, in person, and at such a close and personal proximity that I was overwhelmed. (And more importantly, no one saw my quick burst and recovery, so it was fine.)

After about an hour I couldn’t help but use my last ounce of nerve to return to the mega star and ask for one more photograph before I’d promise myself to stay away and not act like the complete fool that I actually am for the band.

Thumbnail image for Simon Le Bon and I at the Underground Nightclub

Simon Le Bon and I at the Underground Nightclub
Photo courtesy of Jae Miller

When I asked him and he agreed but all I could say was, “since I was 12…I’ve loved you all since I was 12…” I had no charm, no ability to speak, nothing. Simon noticed but he was so nice that he grabbed my hand kissed the top of it like a true gentleman, hugged me tight and posed for the picture. It took all my strength inside me not to burst into tears again but I restrained myself, regained my composure, thanked him kindly, and then walked back to my table. I was thrilled and immediately began texting my best friend and counter-Duran-a-maniac (at 2 a.m.) about what had just happened.

My life (for that night) was complete. At that moment, I was content with everything in the world. It was pure happiness.

Who would think that after 20 years of being a mega fan of a person that I would just bump into them at a random place or even a place as cool as the Underground?! Really?!  Not in my lifetime I never have such luck. But today, yes, in my lifetime, it really had happened!!

It just goes to show, you never know what can happen or where. My life is GRAND!!! I can only hope to have another day like it again, soon!! 

Special Thanks to Jae, Lori, Billy Dec, Ahmed Braimah. Arturo Gomez and the very charming Simon Le Bon (and Duran Duran) for making my night the best night EVER!!!

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