27th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival Kickoff

The 27th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival opens on April 1. The festival, presented by the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago is one of the city’s most diverse events.

A celebration at Crimson Lounge kicked off the new season for the festival.

27th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival

Local, national and international celebrities and friends of the festival Kicked off this year’s event with a party at the Crimson Lounge. The festival, which runs through April 14, will feature over 100 films from Spain, Latin America and the United States. The films have a Latino perspective but appeal to a diverse audience.

Local and visiting film makers will be on hand at some of the screenings to discuss the films with the audience.

Some special segments that the festival will offer are: Student Films, Made in USA, Women in Film, and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Trans. These segments celebrate the importance of not only racial diversity of contributions by film makers but also the age, cultural and sexual diversity among the film makers and audience.

Director of the festival, Pepe Vargas, along with festival board members, Homero Tristan and Jaime Viteri each welcomed the festival attendees to the inaugural celebration. All were very eloquent and individually expressed their excitement and positive outlook for another wonderful season of Latino films.

The Latino Cultural Center of Chicago will be presenting The Gloria Achievement Award to actor Damian Alacarz for his talent and accomplishments. Damian is an accredited actor that has received acclaim for his roles in El Crimen del Padre Amaro, The Crime of Father Amaro, La Le de Herodes, Herod’s Law and the Colombian Film, Satanas. He also recently starred in his first Hollywood film, The Chromicles of Narnia: Prince of Caspain.

The kickoff party was a perfect show for the diverse mix of ages, ethnicities and levels of support that the festival is hoping to draw again during their 27th season.

Attendees enjoyed discussing and learning about the more than 100 films, and their makers that include a variety of genres and categories which will be available during the week’s events. I’ll have to bet that since the turnout for the kickoff event was so positive, the rest of the week’s events will be sold out and to capacity.

I’m looking forward to viewing the films to discuss them during the duration of the festival. 
The Chicago Latino Film Festival is produced by the International Latino Cultural Center.

For more information, tickets or daily schedule of films: http://www.latinoculturalcenter.org or 312-409-1757

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