Boot Camp for Fitness and Fashion!!

I was excited and pleased to attend the Celebrity Fitness Boot Camp and Fundraiser, hosted by Latino Fashion Week’s Arabel Alva-Rosales along with partner Cesar Rolon, on behalf of Vive en Forma Get Fit ChicagoIt was a full day dedicated to promoting fitness for children and adults to fight against obesity and diabetes featuring Jaslene Gonzalez (America’s Next Top Model- Season 8), Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Rob Garcia and Film Star, Eric Martinez.

I was totally prepped and ready when I arrived at Latin Rhythms studio (located at 210 N. Racine Avenue) for a basic intro-intermediate level “fitness” class. I must admit that I’m pretty intermediate/advanced to some degree with fitness classes but in no way a fitness freak. On this day and to my unsuspecting surprise, I was challenged and excited to find we were going to Zumba!! 



Participants and organizers of Latino Fashion Week's Celebrity Boot Camp

I have never participated in a Zumba class but have always wanted to since I have a couple of friends that are instructors and always asking me to attend a class. I don’t know exactly what it is or where it came from but it was a nice surprise. 


The event was no less than AMAZING!! We jumped right into what felt like a dance class. I had flashbacks to FAME (the movie for all you youngans) for a split second there. Watching my fellow Zumbians (?!) attempt to master the moves. It felt like we were not only gaining up to date dance moves but we were also working out so much that I was sweating like I had run a marathon. This Zumba stuff must be working. It was great fun and I could “feel the burn”!!

Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the action packed session, led by the instructor Pierre Cameron. He was well prepared and guided us efficiently, as well as effectively from Salsa and Merengue moves, to Samba and African beats.

Some participants didn’t come entirely prepared for the rigourous workout. One of which, Chicago’s very own Jaslene Gonzalez, participated in class with her platform shoes still on!! It was a great fun and I would have to believe it was working wonders on my “hard to tame” body parts. I will definitely do it again. 

After our Zumba session, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Rob Garcia cooled down the campers and incorporated some core traning for his session of training. It seemed he wanted to completely kick our butts! Each in his own, were spectacular instructors.

The boot camp in itself, was an especially refreshing change of pace in the form of an event. The camp had it’s place with a true value of a cause that a lot of people are unaware of and it was just plain FUN!!!

The extra perk at the event was not only to support Latino Fashion Week and Vive en Forma‘s cause but each boot camper also received a complimentary Chicago White Sox game ticket. 

I can’t wait to see what’s next in line of events leading up to Latino Fashion Week in November 2010!!  

Photos courtesy of Steve Starr –


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