Twas a Fashionable & Fabulous Tea Party with GOCA!

Twas a Fashionable & Fabulous Tea Party with GOCA!

As Dusk fell Upon the City I arrived into Room 1520 on April 13, 2012. It was almost a year ago to date when I first fell in love with the ever inspiring duo: GOCA. My immense enthusiasm and support of all their fashionable achievements were the reason why I could never miss this event. GOCA was about to make history and I was so thrilled to be apart of it.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by Miss Chicago! How cool is that?!

Then I saw numerous lovely fabulous friends and made a few new ones;) I got seated but couldn’t contain my excitement and had to say Congratulations & Many Well Wishes to Gordana Rasic & Omar Villiabros.

Backstage is where so much fun took place and many laughs! As noted anytime I see Omar he just makes the room filled with fun and laughter.

Backstage Party Before the Show!!

Final Look at Models before they Stike the Runway– I’m Loving All These Designs, GOCA Shopping Spree Soon!!

 Models Posing with The Tea Cup Girl : Jen Stanko-Keara Maire

Gordana Posing with One of The Stunning Models


There are so many of their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection pieces that I just can’t wait to get my hands on! The Silky Pleated Skirts are soooo my style. The Exclusive Feather Designs for the ivory gown by Nicole Designs All  just had me floored! I’ve seen the pictures from Emerge when the collection premiered in New York…but I just sighed at how gorgeous the famous feather gown was in person!

As the lights dimmed and the music changed we saw a young girl holding a cup of tea pondering as she strolled about “The Elegance of Maturity”.  Jen ponders and disappears into the back.

We then saw Model after model in sonic movement strutting so fabulously. As the final walk began we saw each of the models holding their teacups and pinkies up and on a few of the models you could see the exquisite jewelry by The 3 Hearts Boutique flow by on their wrists and teardrop earrings swaying.

~ Twas a tea party indeed and as GOCA walked down the runway hand in hand in sweet smiles they surprised us at the end with throwing the tea cups down as a symbolism of the letting go of the facade of being prim & proper—Genius!

Nicole Harry  of  Nicole Designs All  Jewelry Designer of this Exquisite Cluster Belt Exclusive for the GOCA Collection

Gordana Rasic & Omar Villalobos Finale Walk

I am amazed at how far their journey has brought them. WOW two students still Undergrads and both in their early twenties: ahhh the best is yet to come!! GO GOCA—read my numerous past features on GOCA & follow them on twitter as they make History @GocaDesigns

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By Cha’rron Davis

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