Beautiful with Confidence...The Essence of Borris J Powell Designs!

Chicago Designers like Nicole Harry, Omar VillalobosTaneasha Prunty, LaTonya Willliams & numerous individuals in Chicago have a very special privilege of a local inspiration and mentor. An International Fashion Designer who is steadily becoming a household name: Borris J Powell.

On Sunday March 18, 2012, Borris debuted his F/W 2012 collection which included both Menswear & Women’s. I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous coverage written all over from The Glamorous and fun Candace Jordan  to the ladies of NowYouKnowEvents.

With a show that included a Red Ferrari entrance and the Borris Powell  handbag Collection runway debut, they are the perfect accompaninment to the confident individual. The sentiment was unanimous Borris amazed us all that very special evening.

I am personally amazed each and every day by this sincere talented sweetheart. That night I was taken into a whole new world— if you will:The Fabulous World of Borris J Powell  and I wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. We love you Borris!

Cha’rron Davis

Video Interviewer :Sincerely Sunny

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