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Chicago Born and raised Stylish Mommy and Emerging Local Designer Sana Durvesh Khan has been designing since she was a young girl. Finally this year her lifelong dream and talent first came to life in Fall 2011. I got the lovely opportunity to speak with the beautiful Sana  while in tedious preparations for her Fall/Winter 2011 and Summer 2012 Collections, with an exclusive showing next weekend. Her designs are made in the US  and much of the handwork is done overseas as Sana has a great appreciation for the hand detail. Sana was eager to share her story with me and what inspires her designing process including her biggest influences being from right here in the Windy City and overseas in Pakistan.

Cha’rron Davis:  How long have you been designing?

Sana Durvesh Khan: I started designing at a young age. Traveling between the US and Pakistan gave me an appreciation for beautiful fabrics, jewels and hand work. As I child, I was fascinated by the vibrant colors and unique styles of both cultures. This is what inspired my passion for designing at such a young age. Over the years, I have taken the best of Pakistani and American fashion and have melded them into my own unique style. My clothing line reflects my Pakistani roots and my American culture. Combining elements of versatility and artistry is what makes each piece distinct. In 2007, I designed my wedding reception outfit. Soon after, I started taking on my close friends and family as clients. Designing for others was an exhilarating experience, and I decided to make it a priority. At a professional level, I started in 2010 by taking custom orders. My first collection was launched in the Fall of 2011.

Cha’rron Davis: What are your biggest inspirations?

Sana Durvesh Khan: My inspirations are definitely my multi-cultural influences from all over the world; my day to day style with a touch of my culture is how my pieces come to life; my view of fashion as an art with a combination of culture. I like to take my own vision of designs and combine it with all the various fashion trends throughout the world over the years. I feel sdk gives you a combination of art and fashion in a very unique way.

Cha’rron Davis: What qualities embody a Sana Durvesh Khan woman?
Sana Durvesh Khan: A woman that embodies my sense of style, someone that is comfortable in their own body, and has a willingness to be bold and stand out. The way I style myself is always with a twist. I like to play around with each piece to figure out a way to make it unique in its own way. Mixing and matching different designers and different styles can make a great outfit. An sdk woman is definitely someone that is not just following the trend but understands and appreciates fashion as an art. A woman who represents fearlessness with class.

Cha’rron Davis: Will this be your first event showing your collections? What other events have you done showcasing your Collections?

Sana Durvesh Khan: This is my first public event, I will be showing both my Fall/Winter 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 collections. I will be taking orders from both collections from Jan 15th to Jan 25th 2012. FW2011 collection will be discounted. Orders will be delivered March 2012. A portion of all sales from both these collections will be donated to YourDil.
I was raised to always give back and think of others, so giving back to those less fortunate is something that will always be a part of me. I hope to work with other charities as we expand which is why I plan to stick with this concept throughout my collections.


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