Border Mentality: 26th Street

Border Mentality: 26th Street
Territorial Boundaries according to Chicago Police Department/Credit WBEZ

I’m from La Villita as my people like to call it 
Where kids go to jail before they get to college 
A poor childhood is what we all acknowledge 

When a murder happens we know the silent process 
No one knows who popped clips, they rather change the topic 
The gun claps loud like strongly smashing boulders 
This is the part of town where god gives a cold shoulder 

You feel it in the summer, the days are getting colder 
It seems that cops harass you the more that you get older 
Hell dominates the sky, now satan’s taking over 
Conquering the souls that were murdered on the corner 

Claiming them forever, souls cursing the block 
Mothers lighting up the candles on the place they got shot 
Little brothers full of rage practice loading a glock 
It’s a cycle of death whether you like it or not

For most of us, being aware of your territory, of the pavement that you stand on, is basic survival and a way of life. Although we have several street gangs, there’s been tension for over three decades between the two factions that meet along 26th street: the Latin Kings and the Two Six Nations.

This border that we come to know isn’t like La Frontera that our parents or grandparents are familiar with. It’s not a fence of steel, but an invisible line that still divides us. So I wanted to know…

At what point in our life does the border go up in our minds?

Residents from both sides of the borderline break it down:

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