Advice For A Bully

Tonight we were asked to write about advice..20 years forward, 20 years back and so on. Since bullying has been such a hot topic (and I was honored to be on Fox News a few weeks ago discussing it), I thought it would be a good idea to give some advice to bullies. Bullies come... Read more »

Back to School and Social Media: Keeping Your Kids Safe and Happy

There is no time like the fall; school is back in session and routine begins to settle quickly. As children return to school, new friends are made, activities begin and social media madness begins to quickly rise. We see more kids with smart phones in their hands today than at any other time in our... Read more »

Don't Let Tragedy Be The Reason To Become Grateful

It is not often that I write about personal experiences on this blog. However, today I am because I feel the topic is very important. Life moves quickly, and sometimes it seems that we repeat the same routines over and over, going through the motions. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months and months... Read more »

Who Is Your Champion?

Originally published May 11. Today I publish again, in honor of Dr. Rita Pierson, a great loss to the education community. Her speech inspired so many on the opening of the first education TED talk live on TV. Please see her speech below. Thank you Rita. According to Michele McNeil of EdWeek: “Not since the... Read more »

Buffalo Grove Park District Asks Parents To Chill Out

  Emmerich Park in Buffalo Grove has a new sign up addressing parents’ behavior during sports games. Mike Terson, who is the Buffalo Grove park district’s public relations and marketing manager, came up with the idea for the signs after noticing inappropriate or hot-headed behavior by parents at some of his own son’s games. These... Read more »

Thank You: Teachers Who Sang, Danced and Saved Lives

The end of the school year is quickly approaching for many students and teachers. This year was a challenging year for almost everyone in education. We saw quite a bit of struggling, anger, policy change, tears and hearts broken. Some say, this time in education has been one of the most unstable since the desegregation... Read more »

International Education, Freedom And Gratitude

I was recently honored to be asked to cover a conference at the University of Chicago. The main topics discussed were in regard to higher education, K-12, online learning and the Fulbright Scholarship. The panel was fascinating, as it opened up with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and continued with discussions from some of the best and... Read more »

A Day In The Life Of A Teacher: Dedicated to the millions of teachers and to the Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau.

A Day In The Life Of A Teacher Dedicated to the millions of teachers and to the teacher of the year, Jeff Charbonneau. I’ve had many days like this…….. “I’ve put you on door duty, and hope you don’t mind. Can you be down 20 minutes before the bell? Thanks, you’re one of a kind.... Read more »

Why Parents Must Advocate For Their Children

For some local school districts, it is time to register for kindergarten. For those who are new to public school, it is imperative to understand how and why parents must advocate for their children now, before the school year starts. The tips below can be used for children of all ages and grades. All children... Read more »

Education and Harmony: Our Kids Deserve Nothing Less

If you haven’t noticed, there are so many things going on in education right now, not only in Chicago, but also around the world. Education is going through rapid transformation at all levels. We are viewing great change due to technology, and meeting the needs and unknowns of the future. Our country is now competing... Read more »