Paying it Forward this Thanksgiving: NBA Detroit Piston, Will Bynum Helps Clara's House in Chicago

willNBA Detroit Piston and Chicago native, Will Bynum, is helping a Chicago south side shelter, Clara’s House, all around—helping those who live in the shelter as well as the owner who was hit with a disconnect electricity bill—a month ago–. Bynum and his ReachITeach Foundation, is making sure the nearly 50 women and children who reside in the shelter have a holiday this holiday season providing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings for community members, shelter residents and the shelters political supporters.

Clara’s House, houses battered and homeless women and children, the shelter has been struggling financially for the past five years.  The Englewood facility faced a disconnect of service for heat and electric last month. Bynum is paying the bill to ensure they have lights this holiday season and along with his ReachITeach Foundation, making sure each homeless and battered women who lives in the house, has a warm thanksgiving meal.

According to the Center for Impact Research, there are 116, 042 homeless people in Chicago and 56% of women in Chicago shelters are domestically abused. Dreams for Kids is running Holiday for Hope for Clara’s kids too; one day filled with love, food, laughter, toys, games, and most importantly, hope. Learn how you can join in helping to sponsor a child:

“This is bigger than just paying an electric bill and giving dinners to those in need, it is about me seeing a need and doing my part to help. I want the homeless and battered women who are living in the shelter to know there is someone who cares, that the situation can and will get better,” Bynum said. “Clara doesn’t turn anyone away, she keeps the doors open with the heart to help not knowing how the bills to operate will stay on…It’s my honor for me to help,” Bynum went on to say.

Bynum is a very special person.

“It makes me feel like there is someone or somebody that still cares about Clara’s House, that God has provided people in my surroundings that is willing to help me come up and out of the situation that I am in, to give me a fresh start with Clara’s House because of this great helper that was sent to me from God,” said Clara Kirk, who founded Clara’s house 26 years ago.

Bynum’s ReachITeach Foundation’s mission is to help all people –women, children and men, reach their full potential in life. This is the first event as  part of the “Reach and Pay it Forward” year long initiative, in which Bynum “reaches” to help an organization in need and then another person follows suit and “reaches” to pay it forward to the next shelter. The goal is to help as many homeless and battered women shelters across the United States, one person at a time.
Clara’s House is just one of two shelters that owner Clara Kirk founded in 1987. Kirk’s other shelter is Clara’s Place which is located a few blocks away from Clara’s House in Chicago’s Englewood community. Target, Meijer, and Honey Baked Ham are participating sponsors in this event.

Dreams for Kids was founded in Clara’s house in 1989 and we are running a fundraiser for Holiday for Hope. Please take 3 minutes out of your day to watch the video below and see how Dreams for Kids brings joy, happiness, food, games and most importantly, hope to our Chicago children. Clara and her kids will be there to celebrate this special day. To contribute to our fundraiser and support a child at Holiday for Hope, please visit here:

My co-writer, Amanda Marrazzo, who recently covered Clara’s story is also running a fundraiser specifically for her as well, which you can find here:

Giving back is not only good for society, it is good for your health. There are studies about giving back-read what it can do for you too (5 ways giving is good for you):

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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