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Kombucha Kamp's New Year's ReVolution - Drink Kombucha!

It’s 2011 and I’m sure you have written down some tedious resolutions that you probably aren’t really looking forward to starting. How about a New Year’s “revolution” instead of a resolution? This week Kombucha Kamp launches their New Year’s ReVolution Promo (Jan 4-7) which includes $1500 of kombucha & prizes from Kombucha Kamp and some... Read more »

Honest Tea's Kombucha Back on Market

I first sampled Honest Tea’s line of kombucha at Greenfest back in May. Despite being a fairly mainstream brand I really liked their product. Coca Cola has a partnership with Honest Tea by the way, even Coca Cola recognizes the public’s desire for healthier products. Honest Kombucha went off the market along with other brands such... Read more »