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Alleviating Boredom in the Body Builder Diet

Parmesan Cheese does add flavor but nutritional yeast flakes are also known as "vegan parmesan cheese" and they deliver lots of B vitamins with fewer calories.
Spring is coming up and I’m sure for many that means competition season. Of course, your version of “competition season” could mean just sitting by the pool in your fab bikini. Many will begin detox programs or high-protein diets to get lean and mean. I like to eat by this mantra “greens and proteins”. Greens... Read more »

The Big Valentine's Day Blog

In case you didn’t get enough allergy-free love check out these Valentine’s Day themed posts: Allergy-Free Valentine’s Day Treats Valentine’s Day: A Survival Guide Play with Food: Love and Kisses Sexy Valentine’s Day Food  My Favorite Cheap Trader Joe’s Wine  Raw Chocolate for Valentine’s Day from Sunfood GF Goodness at Feast in Wicker Park  2010’s... Read more »

Helpful Holiday Links

I know right now you’re probably busy licking the gluten free frosting off of your mixing beaters but I thought I would recap some of my favorite holiday blogs from this year and my former blog Chicago Eats Allergy Free just click on one or more (or all) of these fine links: How to Party... Read more »

Penny's Pastries

If you would like to hire Penny she can be reached at phone: 847-456-3100.
I first became aware of Penny’s Pastries from the fabulous Vital Juice site. The proprietress Penny is a Chicago Girl who received her Culinary Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. She has traveled all over the world to taste the best desserts and earned her Masters in Gastronomy. Penny was passionate about returning... Read more »

My Favorite Cookbooks to Give and Get

If you have been following my blogs you know that Ricki Heller is a sugar-and-allergy free genius! If you are following an anti-candida diet this book will provide you with some really yummy coping mechanisms in the form of pancakes, brownies, cookies and bread.
I’m not a fan of giving out self-improvement or diet books as gifts as I don’t think that’s very nice. Unless of course you know for sure the recipient really wants them. But cookbooks do make excellent gifts and here are some of my favorites. Patricia Biesen Nutrition Counseling Health & Wellness I offer Nutrition... Read more »

How to Party in Healthy Ways this Season

Healthy people don’t always have a reputation for being fun. Sometimes it is difficult to give up cravings because we want to be one of the girls or one of the guys. No one wants to be uncool. I see nothing wrong with having that one plate of really delicious food that in your mind... Read more »

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

It’s Black Friday and I’m letting Santa know that I have been really good this year because I am coveting some of these gifts and stocking stuffers:

Tweeps I'm Thankful For Part II

Now for my Part II. You can also follow me on Twitter @patriciabiesen. I would love to hear from you! Healthy Tweeps I like: Dr. John Douillard @JohnDouillard He believes in integrative and Ayurvedic approaches for maintaining a high-level of health and wellness. Empower yourself at Mark Hyman, M.D. @markhymanmd Mark Hyman, MD is... Read more »

You Say It's Your Birthday!

I don’t know about you but there seems to be a lot of fall birthdays! I was inspired to create a blog dedicated to allergy-free cake making. Regardless is you are on Team Vanilla or Team Chocolate I think you will find something yummy here. For Chicago birthday girls and boys who are too busy... Read more »

Desserts Without Compromise

One of my favorite bloggers, Ricki Heller, has a new e-book called Desserts Without Compromise for those of us who are on the Anti-Candida Diet (ACD) and/or avoiding eggs, dairy and gluten. Ricki’s fine work has personally kept me from going insane while following ACD, which is not an easy task when you also have... Read more »